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20 Celebs Share Makeup-Free Selfies, And OMG Their Natural Look Does Rock

Everyone looks stunning with full-face makeup, but the joke is that you look just as stunning without any makeup at all.

One of the most popular celebrity makeup looks right now? Celebrities who don’t use makeup. It’s not that I dislike makeup; there’s tremendous power in nailing a smokey eye or finding your perfect red lipstick. Even a well-drawn brow can make you feel good. But the same can be said about accepting yourself as you are—natural, pared down, with every individual characteristics that makes you distinct shining through.

To commemorate this, we’re recognizing the renowned faces we’ve seen on Instagram doing their thing without a trace of concealer. Join us as we relive some of the most memorable celebrity makeup-free selfies.

#1 Kim Kardashian

Source: kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian has always been breathtaking. She’s candid about all of the surgeries she’s undergone to keep her skin and face looking young. We appreciate someone who is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world not being hesitant to upload a makeup-free shot without a filter on occasion.

#2 Drew Barrymore

Source: drewbarrymore

Drew Barrymore has long been known as “that girl.” She stays loyal to herself, which sometimes means posting a simple selfie from home with no makeup. She’s not hesitant to let the public see a wrinkle or crinkle here and there at nearly 50 years old, and she’s even more gorgeous for it.

#3 Salma Hayek

Source: salmahayek

Salma Hayek, the actress, is unconcerned about your beauty standards. She’s always been beautiful, but it wasn’t until she was older that she decided to let the public see her without makeup. She now often publishes bare-faced selfies on Instagram.

#4 Chrissy Teigen

Source: chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen appears to try to be quite candid on her social media channels, and part of that includes being willing to go makeup-free every now and then. She frequently posts images of herself at home without makeup, and she’s candid about the various procedures she tries on her face.

#5 Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: gwynethpaltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow hardly ever wears makeup these days. All of her Goop methods keep her complexion in control, and she has to be very careful about the things she uses to stay true to her natural lifestyle. She wears no makeup in the bulk of her Instagram images, which is a nice contrast from the usual famous feeds.

#6 Lady Gaga

Source: ladygaga

Lady Gaga is a makeup artist who understands the value of good skin care, and it shows. Even when she’s not wearing makeup, her skin is clear and bright, so why shouldn’t she flaunt it? It’s great to see her with her face bare and looking as stunning as ever.

#7 Halle Berry

Source: halleberry

Let’s be honest: when you’re Halle Berry, you don’t need cosmetics. Her skin is flawless, and she appears lovely in every photo we see of her, even her most casual and genuine selfies. It’s difficult to realize she’s nearly 60 years old. We can only fantasize!

#8 Tracee Ellis Ross

Source: traceeellisross

Who doesn’t want to be best friends with Tracee Ellis Ross? She’s the coolest and most amusing person I’ve ever met. She doesn’t wear makeup all the time, and even when she does, she rarely goes all out, preferring to let her natural skin and complexion come through.

#9 Kesha

Source: iiswhoiis

Many of us were unaware of Kesha’s stunning natural beauty until she began tweeting makeup-free selfies a few years ago. She really gives us ’90s model vibes with those brows and freckles. We enjoy watching her feel free enough to be herself.

#10 Gabrielle Union

Source: gabunion

Although this photo was shot just after a facial, not everyone looks this amazing without makeup, whether they have had a treatment or not. Gabrielle Union takes a lot of makeup-free selfies, especially when she’s with her small daughter, Kaavia. Those freckles are adorable!

#11 Kelly Ripa

Source: kellyripa

Kelly Ripa is a beauty with or without makeup, and she knows it. She is frequently seen with a bare face when she publishes photos of herself at home with her family, just like the rest of us. She appears so young for her age, and we appreciate that she’s so at ease in her own flesh.

#12 Gigi Hadid

Source: gigihadid

Model Gigi Hadid is right to be proud of her radiant skin. She loves the “no makeup” makeup look, but she’s also not ashamed to take off her makeup and post images of her bare face on Instagram every now and again. She’s a mother now, and we all know that parents don’t always have time or energy to put on a full face.

#13 Tyra Banks

Source: tyrabanks

Tyra Banks, being a supermodel, has undoubtedly worn a lot of cosmetics over her career. For years, she analyzed cosmetic looks on America’s Next Top Model, but she also knows when her face needs a vacation to just breathe. Based on this photo, she certainly takes exceptional care of her skin at the age of nearly 50.

#14 Jennifer Garner

Source: jennifer.garner

Jennifer Garner can do no wrong in our eyes, especially when it comes to displaying her stunning bone structure without makeup. She’s an Instagram queen who posts far too frequently to be concerned about putting on makeup every time she produces a video for her fictitious food show — and she doesn’t need to anyhow.

#15 Jennifer Lopez

Source: jlo

Jennifer Lopez, despite being in her mid-50s, is never shy to flaunt her natural J.Lo glow. She frequently posts photographs and videos of herself without makeup on Instagram. She is so down-to-earth that she never appears embarrassed or afraid to exhibit her true self, even with the best cosmetic artists at her disposal.

#16 Zendaya

Source: zendaya

Zendaya, the star of Euphoria, definitely enjoys fashion and being glammed up, but she also has to have makeup applied to make her appear worse than she actually does for her TV part! So it’s not surprising that she’s not afraid to share the rare makeup-free selfie. She’s been known to flaunt her new look on Instagram on a regular basis.

#17 Kylie Jenner

Source: kyliekgs

Kylie Jenner is young and surgically enhanced, so we know she doesn’t need makeup — but she loves it and has literally earned her wealth off of it, so seeing her with a naked face always surprises us. It helps to break down the illusion, and we appreciate that she doesn’t always feel the need to look ideal.

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