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People Have Had Enough Of American Tourists Being Oblivious To The Fact That They’re Foreigners, As Share On This Viral Tweet

One thing about traveling is that you’re about to go to a different place, meet new people, and experience new customs. So, if you plan to travel, don’t expect everything will be the same as your living place. That’s not what traveling means. The farther you go, the more you will see that our world is a diverse place. You may never know how big this world is if you just stay within your area. But, if you want to venture far, be sure that you know how to behave appropriately in the new place.

Still, it’s hard to tell that all tourists are aware of this. They go beyond their country’s border while expecting the destination country to provide the same services, foods, and drinks. Oddly enough, some even get pissed because they cannot find the same services and foods they usually have at home. What’s that? Do people really fly thousands of kilometers just to have a Starbuck and some McDonald’s burger?

Well, if you want some examples, look at American tourists. It’s embarrassing that some US tourists seem to have no respect or knowledge of the land they are going to. They’re loud. They want to buy things with dollars and get angry when they can’t. Still, maybe they don’t know that people there are also frustrated with them being clueless that they ARE foreigners here.

#1 Comedian Ginny went viral when she pointed out that quite a few American tourists act entitled and think they’re at the center of the world

Source: ginnyhogan_

#2 Twitter users shared their own weird and hilarious experiences having to deal with tourists from the United States

Source: awitsjocelyn


Source: agwon79


Source: LTatyella


Source: araashaw


Source: julen__n


Source: flockofwords

#8 It’s not just American travelers who need explicit instructions, though

Source: bencpye

#9 Here’s what some other people had to say about how US tourists behaved abroad

Source: adamkotsko


Source: damilolly_x


Source: GT_Numble


Source: davidandrews808


Source: mattbirtisatwat


Source: SnodV


Source: Liberonscien


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Source: TigerDzheims


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