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10 Celebs Who Broke Social Norms And Had Support From People

Stereotypes are prevalent and have an impact on everyone. But occasionally, there are those who decide to oppose things, giving us all a lesson in what it is to be authentic. And those famous people have been acting in that way.

This can entail encouraging people to defy gender norms or standing up for themselves by leading entire lives. This includes women deciding not to feel bad about not having a kid and men not being ashamed to wear girly stuff. For instance, Harry Styles has recently embraced his feminine side, wearing what he thinks is suitable, or Margot Robbie has stood up to speak about motherhood and women’s bodies. And below is the list of the ten celebs who break social norms and have support from people.

1. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

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Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky have shown the world that love conquers everything despite age differences in a marriage. The guy is typically expected to be older, however in this case, Chris is 38 and Elsa is 45!

2. Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria, well-known for her work on the Desperate Housewives series, defied social norms by delaying motherhood until she was 43. Eva is currently parenting her child with joy. A stigma is associated with this subject, and we support women who speak out about it.

3. Harry Styles

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Harry Styles has gained immense popularity as a former member of One Direction. But only recently has he begun to embrace his feminine side, dressing in a variety of nonconforming attire, including dresses. I often find myself admiring women’s clothing, the man confesses.

4. Jennifer Aniston

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The stunning Jennifer Aniston has been motivating people with her 52-year-old unmarried status. Although the actress isn’t yet a parent, she lives life to the fullest! She just collaborated on The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon, and her career is still booming.

5. Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie, a lovely actress, has also defied women’s expectations. The actress said that since relationships and children are typically very personal topics, she doesn’t like being questioned about them and that women should be able to refuse. “How can a guy tell me what I can and cannot do about parenting or my own body?” she said.

6. Ezra Miller

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2019’s Met Gala carpet was awe-inspiring for everyone, thanks to actor Ezra Miller. Miller disregarded all expectations for males and emerged stunning! We were completely flabbergasted, which is precisely the quality we value in people.

7. David Bowie

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The legendary David Bowie defied social norms with his magnificent appearance, sending a message that said, “Wear what you want and feel comfortable in your skin!” He continues to be one of the most distinctive vocalists because of his quirky appearance, which is not something you see every day.

8. Prince

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Over the years, Prince has developed a reputation as a person with a strong sense of identity and individuality. He continues to be a fashion star today for shattering gender-specific fashion norms for males, such as the prohibition on wearing makeup or more feminine attire. People can express themselves freely because he serves to the community and in keeping with his example.

9. Ruby Rose

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Like Harry Styles, Ruby Rose disregarded all gender norms and fully expressed her male side, which we admire. In addition to her outstanding cinematic roles and alluring demeanor, she is known for wearing striking clothing.

10. Billy Porter

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Billy Porter is a successful actor, singer, and author on every red carpet he walks. His most recognizable appearances feature stunning clothes, daring ensembles, and a powerful personality to go with them.