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Guy Was Dumped By His Girlfriend Because Of His Dog’s Name

Is there any connection between a date and a dog’s name? Do you judge someone by his dog? A bizarre and peculiar situation happened to a confusing Redditor, who has a dog named David. Let’s keep reading to see what happened to this guy.

The story goes that the Reddit user, a young guy had just started a relationship recently. He had a couple of dates with the girl. The guy wanted to move the love forward, so he invited the girl to visit his house. Things were supposed to be fine, but no, an unexpected situation happened. The girl suddenly cut off all communication without explanation after meeting the guy’s dog named David.

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Then, the poor guy kept questioning himself if he was the reason why the girl acted cold, and neglected their relationship. At the end, he dropped a joke about the name David of other Redditor’s dogs. The post has gained 1306 votes and 750 comments, and these talk numbers prove that the guy’s confession received a lot of interest from the Reddit community.

There are quite a few predictions from the Redditors, and the most popular one is that the girl may have an ex named David, too. Thus, she felt discomfort and didn’t want to hear that name every time she talked to the OP.

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Commenting on the girl’s confusing behavior, most Redditors advised the guy to let it go. There’s no need to cling to love.

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If this affair is a trial, OP and his dog will be innocent. A Reddit user even called the girl “crazy”.

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A girl points out that a man’s car is what you should pay attention to, not his dog. She gave a thumb down for guys who drive trucks with ill mannered decorations.

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