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Giant Leopard Is Taking A Nap Inside His Cage – Watch His Priceless Reaction When A Hand Reaches To Pet Him

If you go to The Cedar Cove Tiger Park, a big cat sanctuary and educational facility in Kansas, you will meet Voodoo, a rescue leopard who had a tough start in life. Instead of being lived freely in his natural habitat, he was captivated for endless breeding purposes and are sold for big bucks on the black market. He was not only caged and bred non-stop, but also declawed. So inhumane!
Thankfully, the good guys from Cedar Cove Tiger Park rescued Voodoo and took care of him. He even has a new name and has been with them ever since.
The video below captures of Voodoo’s reaction when being petted by one of the keepers. Nobody thinks he is a leopard because his reaction to the attention like a house cat would.
The story of Voodoo is just one of the proofs which shows how cruel some humans can be. Luckily, there are organizations and individuals who are willing to fight for the rights of the animals because animals also need love and freedom.

Watch the video to see what happens when a hand reaches to pet Voodoo!

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