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30 Celebrity Doppelgänger Animals That Will Blow Your Mind

All of us may be familiar with the term doppelgänger (a German word meaning double-goer). If fact, the chance of having a doppelgänger is less likely than you think. A 2015 study by researchers in Australia found a slight chance that a pair of complete doppelgängers exists somewhere in the world. Despite its rarity, it occurs sometimes. But have you ever heard about someone resembling an animal? Now, it turns out to be weird, but it still happens.

Interestingly, many celebrities never think that their doppelgängers are not people but animals. From Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, Samuel L.Jackson, to Donald Trump, these celebs all have funny animals that look unbelievably like us. Needless to say, they would be surprised at their unexpected versions of animals.

For entertaining purposes only, we have compiled a list of 30 celebrity doppelgänger animals that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Let’s scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Strutting Kitty and Leonardo DiCaprio

Source: teltaxi

Here we go, swag boys!

#2 Samuel L. Jackson

Source: B4DASS

I guess they wake up at 6 AM.

#3 Vladimir Putin

Source: r721


#4 Richard Branson

Source: kavien

It looks like some creature from Star Wars.

#5 Snoop Dogg

Source: Jenna Marbles

Silver unicorn!

#6 Snowball The Kitler Cat

Source: catsthatlooklikehitler.com

They even have the same facial expression.

#7 William H. Macy

Source: spiritualhorsesReport

Geniuses. That’s William Macy.

#8 John Travolta

Source: slothsandstuffyeh

Even the eye color.

#9 This Cat Looks Like Charlie Chaplin

Source: Jonathan Cruz

The two silent comedians!

#10 Ron Perlman

Source: rdiehl47

The most impressive part is probably the hair.

#11 Harrison Ford

Source: jackrouters

The dog looks so much like him!!! How?!?!?

#12 Caterpillar and Donald Trump’s Hair

Source: Corn Dogz

Great catapulted!

#13 Giraffe and Miley Cyrus

Source: Adam Jenkins

They are all very kind and gentle.

#14 Mustache Cat and Wilford Brimley

Source: 4archive


#15 Alpaca and Taylor Lautner

Source: inpermutation

I think that’s an alpaca.

#16 Sad Dog and Peyton Manning

Source: imsozzy

It’s the moment you don’t score a goal.

#17 Alpaca and Rihanna

Source: imgur

 They are unique and beautiful.

#18 Killer Whale and Kim Kardashian

Source: pinterest

Perfect, they match, 10/10.

#19 This Cat Looks Like Einstein

Source: Alina Esther

The cat is named Matilda, but people call her “The Einstein Cat.”

#20 Dog and Ron Perlman

Source: breakforbuzz

I love Ron Perlman.

#21 Owl and Rowan Atkinson

Source: Esther Beaton

This owl must have Mr.Bean’s humorous genre.

#22 Pomelo Cat and Nicky Minaj

Source: funnycatsworld

The cat version of Nicky Minaj.

#23 Happy Llama Looks Like Happy Dalai Lama

Source: zoozoo

It’s just incredible.

#24 Another Dog and Snoop Dog

Source: mobillegends

Snoop Dogg nailed it twice.

#25 Stache The Cat and Adrien Brody

Source: StacheTheCelebrityCat

Stache The Cat Looks Like Adrien Brody.

#26 Jamie From Mythbusters

Source: evillittlekiwi

I can’t stop laughing!

#27 Iris!

Source: mobillegends


#28 This Chow Chow Puppy and Eric Stonestreet

Source: Meu Pet Web

They are both so cute!

#29  Xena the Warrior Princess

Source: EgoNazgul

Good grief! If I tried to dress up my cat like this, he would maul me to death.

#30 This Hairless Cat Looks Like Iggy Pop

Source: Fran Veale

This Hairless Cat looks like the musician Iggy Pop.

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