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10 Ideal TV Dads Who Are Actually Unwholesome In Real Life

Many sitcom fathers serve as the moral compass for their TV families and, to a greater extent, for all of America. Admit it; watching Full House and 7th Heaven has taught you more than a few valuable things in life. We grew up with families like the Huxtables and the Camdens and experienced all the heartwarming and poignant events led by their upright patriarchs.

Sadly, there are instances when a scene is a little too intimate, as in someone touching the kids. This happened to Stephen Collins, one of the numerous sex criminal TV stars. Nobody wants to learn that the patriarch of their favorite family program is a mega-pervert or one of the few TV fathers who is a felon. We don’t want to hear that Louis CK has a ruined reputation due to a long list of sexual harassment allegations or that Tim Allen was a drug dealer who received prison time.

There are an astonishing number of good-looking TV parents who turned out to be perverts, like Bill Cosby, who was accused of molesting up to 40 women, and Jared Fogle, the sandwich salesman who enjoyed watching children’s porn. From the largest X-rated humor and sexual predator father figures to wild sex escapes and incriminating whispers, these TV fathers are the biggest closeted super-freaks on television.

1. Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby, the endearing Cliff Huxtable in The TV Dad, is renowned for his comforting counsel and snug sweaters. Eight years were spent airing The Cosby Show. Later, Cosby produced Kids Say The Darndest Things a family-friendly movie.

The Guy Behind The Dad: After being charged with drugging and abusing several women, Cosby went on trial in June 2017 on several counts of aggravated sexual assault. Andrea Constand was the first lady to go forward. She was the only one of the 50 women who accused Cosby, whose claim resulted in a legitimate criminal prosecution. Constand said that after telling Cosby she was worried, he gave her three pills and served as somewhat of a mentor to her.

She could not move for around 30 minutes after ingesting the drugs, and the comedian is accused of fondling her breasts and genitalia while having her hand on his penis. Although the jury was deadlocked and the trial resulted in a mistrial, Cosby will be retried because hers is only one of many compelling stories. After a retrial for the assault on Constand, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault in April 2018. The comedian may spend up to 10 years behind bars.

2. Stephen Collins

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The TV Dad: Stephen Collins is most recognized for his role as Reverend Eric Camden, the head of the family and adoring, loving father in the television series 7th Heaven. Although the family drama dealt with sensitive topics like sex and self-harm, Camden’s sage, compassionate counsel always softened the edges.

The Man Behind The Dad: Although Stephen Collins wasn’t prosecuted, he acknowledged being a real pedophile in a long statement to People. This happened after an audio recording of the troubled actor discussing his inappropriate sexual contact with three minor girls was made public by TMZ.

3. Jared Fogle

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Jared Fogle, or “the Subway Guy,” was a well-known TV dad. The spokesperson for Subway flaunted his significant weight reduction in several advertisements for the company for 15 years, attributing it to eating just sandwiches from that chain.

Fogle gained so much notoriety that he appeared in multiple South Park episodes, usually portraying himself as a typical American father of two who had lost a ton of weight. Even better, he founded the charity Jared Foundation to promote awareness of childhood obesity. A triumphant altruistic tale of the United States? How did things go so bad?

The Man Behind The Dad: When Jared Fogle was apprehended for processing and disseminating child porn and crossing state lines to engage in sexual activity with young females, he stunned the globe. The worst aspect is that Russell C. Taylor, executive director of the Jared Foundation, was complicit in the entire scheme. Fogle acknowledged getting several pedophilic pictures from Taylor, and the two would discuss child porn.

These images and films were genuinely taken by Taylor at his house, and in one case, the youngster was only six years old when they were submitted to Fogle. Fogle frequently hired underage prostitutes as well. He entered a guilty plea and was given a federal prison term of 15 years, 8 months.

4. Jeffrey Jones

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The TV Dad: Jeffery Jones is best known as the legendary school principal who set out to find Ferris Bueller on his day off. You’re unaware that Jeffery Jones played Walter Kellogg in the ill-fated comedy The People Next Door, which Wes Craven created. Despite the short run of the program, Kellogg was a good father to two kids with a very vivid imagination.

The Man Behind The Dad: Jeffery Jones was found guilty of child pornography and sex activities with a juvenile in 2003. He acknowledged paying a 14-year-old youngster to appear in pornographic photographs. Every year, Jones was supposed to update his information on the national sex offenders register, but he didn’t. For this error, he was sentenced to three years of probation and 250 hours of community service.

5. Josh Duggar

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The Healthy TV Josh Duggar, father. Dedicated independent Baptists the Duggars, are the subject of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. Your very first kiss, if you’re like the Duggars, happens the day of your wedding. There is no hilarity. The oldest son, Josh Dugger, was the sensible, upright one. He fathered his own two girls and three boys after marrying Anna Renee Dugger. On the show, he was regularly shown spending time with his family and teaching his sisters.

The Man Behind The Dad: Given the Duggar family’s rigorous religious upbringing, it’s odd that anything seriously pornographic would take place behind the scenes, but be assured that it happened. Josh Duggar’s extramarital relationships were revealed by the Ashley Madison breach, and regrettably, they involved much more than just cheating on his wife.

When Duggar was younger, he sexually assaulted his four sisters. Later, his sisters filed a lawsuit against the Springdale, Alaska Police Department and In Touch Weekly when leaked records revealed that they had been the victims of his abuse while they were still kids.

6. Michael Jace

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In the Healthy TV Father: On The Shield, Michael Jace portrayed Julien Lowe, a police officer. After receiving sexual reorientation treatment at the advice of his pastor (a very devout man), Lowe married Vanessa. He became the father of Randall Lowe, a young man who had been captured spray-painting gang graffiti after he wed Vanessa. Jace’s persona was a likable underdog who began as a young police officer with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Michael Jace is a convicted killer, according to The Guy Behind The Dad. After being convicted guilty of second-degree murder in 2016, Jace was given a 40-year sentence for killing his wife in their Los Angeles home. When he dialed 911 immediately after April Jace’s death on May 19, 2014, he admitted to shooting her with a firearm.

7. Louie C.K.

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The TV Dad: Louie C.K. portrays himself in the hilariously caustic TV sitcom Louie. He is portrayed as a divorced father struggling to raise two young kids in New York City.

The Guy Behind The Dad: Although C.K. is frequently praised for his perceptive approach to humor, women in the comedy industry have accused him of sexual harassment. The comedian was previously criticized by Roseanne Barr for making the “ladies he works with” watch him masturbate. These rumors have never been proven to be true, and C.K. hasn’t said much about them.

8. Alan Thicke

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The TV Dad: Alan Thicke portrayed one of the most famous dads in TV sitcom history. In the ABC comedy Growing Pains during the 1980s and 1990s, the actor played Jason Seaver. As a stay-at-home psychiatrist, Seaver was never hesitant to impart fatherly advice to his children, even when discussing the themes (drugs, suicide, etc.) were challenging. Even during the last season, he took in a homeless adolescent.

The Man Behind The Dad: According to The National Inquirer, this innocent TV dad adored having threesomes. According to his ex-wife Gloria Loring, Alan Thicke is allegedly a deviant, a sexual fiend with unquenchable urges. However, since it’s The National Inquirer,

9. Rob Lowe

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Rob Lowe portrayed several wholesome TV dads in the role of The TV Dad. As Chris Traeger, a state auditor who eventually became a father won a significant part in Parks and Recreation. Additionally, he played Robert McCallister, a Republican senator from California, in the gritty drama Brothers and Sisters.

The Man Behind The Dad: Rob Lowe has struggled with sex and drug addiction for his entire life. He was shown on a videotape in 1988 having sex with a 16-year-old female.

10. Tim Allen

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The TV Dad: Do you remember Tool Time? In the ABC comedy Home Improvement, Tim Allen portrayed the lovable, beneficial father of Tim Taylor.

The Man Behind The Dad: Tim Allen was anything from wholesome, even though he wasn’t a pervert. The actor started selling drugs after receiving his degree from college. He was detained in 1978 after being found in possession of roughly 1.5 pounds of cocaine. After testimony against his drug-dealing accomplice, he was sentenced to just two years in prison for his crime.