8 Times Celebrities Acted Like A Jerk At Grocery Stores

You know how unpleasant it is to spend an hour of your day in the grocery store, stumbling into other customers and waiting in a line that never seems to move? If you think grocery shopping is a drag, know that famous people despise it even more than you do. Sometimes they don’t want to pay for anything, and that’s on top of being mobbed by fans who want autographs and photographers who want to take pictures.

It is difficult to choose which of the countless examples of celebrities acting badly in supermarkets to highlight. While some celebrity anecdotes about rudeness in grocery stores are acceptable, others are among the most bizarre you’ll ever hear.

1. Justin Bieber

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After reportedly witnessing Bieber and his “goons” wander through a grocery store, opening food and dumping it, and shining a spotlight in the faces of fans who approached him, a “family friend” blasted them in a Facebook post in 2014. The message read this: “Justin, shame on you…..ya know from the get-go I backed your *ss…” He keeps reminding everyone that he’s just a kid. He has succumbed to the allure of wealth and will never stray far. I find u repulsive. Thank God I finally had the chance to tell you what I really think of you and your thirteeen thugs.

2. Lady Gaga

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Here’s the thing: it’s cool if Lady Gaga wants to get cake-crazy in the supermarket, but there’s no need to involve a horse in the antics. She had to tie the horse up in the parking lot, where it was vulnerable to being hit by a car or taken by rustlers, which was the rudest part of the situation.

3. Mel Gibson

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Gibson was seen in a Thousand Oaks, California, Whole Foods one day before the 2016 Golden Globes looking like he had been drinking heavily. A witness stated, “He was quite disrespectful to individuals. He wasn’t behaving properly, and he gave off the impression that he was shaky and unbalanced, so that was a big turnoff.

4. Britney Spears

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In early 2008, Brit and her partner went to a Ralph’s in the Los Angeles region to pick up some chocolate and wine. Unfortunately, the store was swarmed by photographers, spoiling the evening for every other customer there.

5. Nicole Richie

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Nicole Richie was so disrespectful in 2014 when she got drunk at a grocery store wine tasting while filming a scene for her reality program Candidly Nicole. You’ve got a whole camera team here to record you while you drink, and there are also normal individuals going about their day. Nicole, please raise your glass to this.

6. Edward Norton

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In 2008, a TV-famous cipher bumped into Edward Norton at a Vons in the hip Los Feliz district, and the two did not have a good exchange. He only wanted to tell Norton how much he enjoyed his work in Frida, but they never got to talk.

7. Daniel Craig

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Don’t forget to remind yourself not to photograph Daniel Craig when shopping. Rachel Weisz claims that she intervened to prevent the James Bond star from brutally hitting a fan who had been following them around and snapping photographs. If the allegations against him are true, Craig would yell, “Is seeing me food shopping with my wife all that intriguing to you?”

8. Paris Hilton

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A 2007 post on a message board claims that Paris Hilton was rude to a woman who was standing in her way at the grocery shop. Hilton slammed at the woman’s cart and said, “That’s what you get for being disrespectful and obstructing the aisle.” According to reports, Hilton was banned from the establishment.