8 Ridiculously Weird Jobs Celebrities Hire People To Do

Power and wealth go hand in hand, especially for famous people. While many superstars are just like us, living normal lives with modest needs, some have such large egos that they need armies of people to serve them. While the rest of us are stuck to our work, celebrities with excess cash may pay others to do the menial activities they despise.

Unfortunately, many have gone too far with this. These celebrities have hired individuals to undertake extraordinary and outlandish things that most of us would find hard to believe if we weren’t witnessing them daily. These are the kinds of outlandish tasks that famous individuals often engage others to complete for them; presumably, their experiences have been more positive than those described in these celebrity personal assistant horror stories.

1. P!nk

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To those who find pleasure in breast squeezing, P!nk may have a spot for you on her squad. Indeed, the raucous soprano is rumored to employ a personal nipple pincher, who is responsible for carrying out this crucial task just before each performance.

2. Lady Gaga

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Having worked for Lady Gaga as a personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill filed a lawsuit against the singer in 2013 for unpaid overtime. Ms. O’Neill made other claims about Lady Gaga’s overbearing requests, including that she had to share a bed with her employer.

The Lady did not enjoy “sleeping alone,” so she delegated the responsibility of warming her bed to the warm body over which she exercised the greatest influence: her personal attendant. So, if you’re a rising star who likes to spoon, you might want to think about working for Lady Gaga.

3. Ludacris

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Never let your precious electrical device die from a lack of juice. In the early 2000s, Ludacris didn’t have to worry about dead Game Boy batteries since his helper always had a supply.

4. Rod Stewart

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Nothing is more essential to singer and musician Rod Stewart when performing live than getting enough sleep. Before a performance, his hotel room must be completely dark, as even artificial light may keep him awake. Stewart employs a staff to “darken” the rooms by sealing up gaps and crevices before he arrives at each venue.

5. Mariah Carey

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Many people would consider Mariah Carey the quintessential example of a star that is too demanding to work with, given her diva-like persona. In 2008, it was revealed that the singer employs an attendant whose sole duty is to accompany her about and deliver her beverages only served to bolster this perception. Carey’s voice coach Carrie Grant claims the mystery lady keeps a straw handy to ensure the starlet never smudges her makeup.

6. Mark Wahlberg

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Mark Wahlberg, an actor, is renowned for his punctuality and early rises. He takes this extremely seriously so that he may always present himself well and never be late. He can’t afford to leave this important task to a simple alarm clock, so he needs to take extra measures.

7. Justin Bieber

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It’s safe to assume that most people think a vast and absurd group of individuals surrounds Justin Bieber. It seems this also applies to the pop star’s dietary requirements. While hosting Saturday Night Live, Bill Hader joked about Bieber’s team, saying they would hold his food and beverages while he wasn’t consuming them.

8. Oprah

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As someone who has spearheaded many initiatives encouraging women to invest in well-fitting bras, it stands to reason that Oprah would view this as a matter of great importance. Perhaps this is why Oprah has a full-time bra wrangler on staff. This individual is in charge of Oprah’s lingerie and ensures that her bras are a perfect fit by taking her measurements.