15 Fan Theories About The Women Of 'Encanto' That Probably Leave You In Tears

Released in late 2021, Disney's "Encanto", has already become one of the most popular animated films in recent history. The story of the Madrigals is filled with complex themes of intergenerational trauma as well as distinctively Colombian aspects. Especially, its soundtrack has even been more viral than other storied Disney productions.
In fact, many people are still fascinated by this movie. It's magical, it's colorful, it's fun... fans think that it is packed with a lot of secrets. After all, even though it has the typical Disney happy ending, "Encanto" still leaves us with many unanswered questions. What is the real reason why Mirabel didn't receive the gift? Was Julieta the only one to know Bruno was still there all along? These questions, and more, have been added to fan theories!
On social platforms, there are already numerous fan theories discussed, and many of them actually seem believable. Skip Bruno - it's time for the ladies of "Encanto"!

#1 Nobody noticed Mirabel hasn't joined them

Source: orwellsunderpants

#2 Generational trauma is the real villain

Source: courtneysmovieblog

#3 Abuela held on to her sorrow for such a long time

Source: 28_cardz

#4 Luisa sang about her anxiety and fear of letting people down.

Source: OhNoSheTwitnt

#5 My heart hurts for Luisa

Source: anxious-but-fabulous

#6 Luisa’s song is heartbreaking and relatable

Source: DoubtinAnxiety

#7 Issues with older siblings

Source: bloggersltd

#8 I am not fine!

Source: firelrd_zuko

#9 Such a sad story

Source: too-many-beautiful-things

#10 Dolores really knows that Bruno had never left.

Source: sweetdreamzkumi

#11 Mirabel loved her family

Source: beetlethebug

#12 They did not have a happy childhood

Source: fra080389-2-me

#13 She worries that the war will separate her from her family once more.

Source: erikikoy

#14 Heartbreaking every time

Source: rightpawup

#15 Dolores was routinely disregarded

Source: pariahsparadise

#16 Imagine how Mirabel felt

Source: fanonical

#17 Julieta knew Bruno was still there all along

Source: JazzeStardust

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