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19 Celebrities Who Always Bring You A Good Vibe

Many individuals concur that meeting a celebrity you look up to and finding out they are a terrible person is a terrible sensation. All of us have heard about (and some of us have even encountered) famous people who, despite their best efforts to appear polite in the media, are conceited and disrespectful to everyone.

Charles Bukowski once said, “Even if some of the famous individuals appear like the worst people on earth, we should feel sorry for them since the stars may not even know who they are themselves after their numerous parts on television.” I paraphrase him here. It could be the case, but that doesn’t give you license to behave badly. Thankfully, it appears that most renowned individuals are genuinely polite and treat others around them with respect.

1. Steve Buscemi

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“I posted this below but will repeat myself. My dad, a New York cop, worked closing down a street in Queens for a movie shoot. He started chatting with my dad who is a huge fan. Mr. Buscemi waited around for my dad to drive round trip to Long Island so he could sign his Reservoir Dogs poster.”

2. Michael J Fox

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From  kelshy371

“Michael J Fox. I was a caterer on the original Back to the Future. He insisted on helping me clear tables of used trays and trash left behind by other crew members. A total class act and super nice guy. 🦊”

3. Ian McKellen

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From  Bigboi4216

“Ian McKellen. He radiates grandfatherly vibes”

4. Hugh Jackman

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“A few years back I remember on a similar thread someone recalled seeing Hugh Jackman in a restaurant. They made eye contact and the OP visibly had an expression that he recognized him but didn’t go up to him and bug him, just went to his table with his gf. After Hugh finished his meal, he went over to them, thanked them for their discretion and spent a few minutes shooting the shit with them. That anecdote stuck with me!”

5. David Tennant

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“I was looking for David Tennant! just seems like such a sweetheart.”

6. Phyllis Smith

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“Phyllis Smith doesn’t let her status go to her head, and she still finds it mindblowing when people recognize her by voice thanks to The Office and Inside Out.”

7. Rupert Grint

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“The guy who played Ron in Harry Potter, apparently he would drive around an ice cream truck and give out ice cream to kids, and if you ask me that’s quite nice 😎👍”

8. Henry Winkler

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“I want to a comic con a few years ago and his booth was next to Ray Park’s (Darth Maul). So when I was in line for Ray Park’s booth, there was a family with young children meeting Henry Winkler. Instead of staying behind his table signing autographs and taking pictures, Henry Winkler went to the front of his table and performed his quarter trick from Adam Sandler’s Click with the kids. So it was a cool moment to see the Fonz use the Click quarter trick in real life.”

9. Dolly Parton

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From  Silvertain

“Yea my son recieves a book every month free of charge from her book foundation and has done for years, its a fantastic idea and my son and now my young daughter love the books”

10. Robin Wiliams

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“Robin Williams, bless his heart. My dad always keeps telling the family about the time he was on a bike ride and Robin rode up next to him. They chatted for a few miles or so before going their separate ways. Keep in mind, this happened about 6 months or so before he passed away.”

11. Anthony Hopkins

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From  IPetdogs4UI

“sometimes work in the movie industry. I haven’t worked with him myself, but I regularly hear good good things about when he filmed here years ago. He was apparently a stellar human. The other person who I hear over and over again was incredibly nice on set (even to the little people) is Willem Dafoe.”

12. Danny Devito

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From  tequilavip


“Rhea Perlman was on the Bill Maher show waaaaaaayyyy back in the old days. The panel was talking about heritage and what not. Bill said to her, “So you’ve got a little Italian in you, right?”

“Not at the moment.”


13. Bryan Cranston

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From  [deleted]

“His work in Macolm in the Middle was great (roller-skating scene, teaching the boys about the birds and the bees, doing chores at home and getting endlessly distracted).”

14. Elijah Wood

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From  mmm_nope

“A close friend used to lived in the LA area and ran into him several times. The friend said he was very funny and a really nice person.”

15. David Attenborough

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“Imagine hanging out with him and just being in awe but not being able to correct his unique pronunciation of some common words.”

16. Jack Black

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From  Salix98

“Jack black always strikes me like a great dude. I’d definitely wanna be friends with him if I have the chance lol.”

17. Margot Robbie

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From OwenA113

“Shame I had to scroll so far to find her. I’ve seen lots of interviews and Behind The Scenes footage of her. She seems like such a genuinely nice person”

18. Tom Hiddleston

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“I met him a few years ago at a convention. He was very kind to everyone and a perfect gentleman. I tried to thank him for the things he’s said in interviews that inspired me to get back into writing, and he kind of demurred and said he was only repeating good advice he’d been given himself. But at the end as I was leaving, he called out my name, and when I turned around, he looked me in my eyes and said, “Keep writing.”

19. Keanu Reeves

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“Keanu is a given! JACK BLACK IS MY MAN!!!! He is so amazing that I don’t have enough words to describe my love for him!”