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20 Cracking-Up Tweets About How People As Kids Misunderstood Simple Concepts

As adults, we live a life surrounded by countless worries and responsibilities. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the vicious circle of striving sometimes. It’s not easy to be an adult, do you think so? Yes, we have so much in our minds that even we can’t properly handle it at times. And every time it happens, we only wish that we could return to our worry-free childhood life when everything was so simple and easy.

What do you remember about your childhood? We believe that regardless of who you are and where you’re from, you all have some childhood memories that you can never forget. People say that children live in a different world from the rest of us adults, and we think they’re right.

Recall your memories and tell us what you did as a child that you cannot understand even by now? I go first. I once tried to craft some potions using leaves, grass, roots, frozen peas, and a bit of soda. I even tasted it, but it was hella bitter. Still, I thought that maybe my recipe was not correct, so I did it over using other ingredients. Well, god knew how angry my mother was when she learned that her child wasted almost half the shampoo bottle and made a huge mess making a ‘potion.’

And, we have found here a thread where people tell about their unforgettable childhood memories. Maybe it’s not too new, but false assumptions and misunderstandings kids make always get us every time. It all started when Twitter user @sumerianbby shared a story of how she, being a mere 6-year-old, misunderstood the notion of an expiration date on her father’s ID and started crying—she thought it was a particular time for when dad was going to pass away.

People quickly came vibing in and shared their hilarious, similar stories. Now, scroll down to check them out in the list below. Make sure to reach the end of this post!

#1 Dad is going to expire soon, nooooo

Source: sumerianbby

#2 That innocence

Source: mariannerenoirs

#3 That’s so sweet!

Source: Basie_Skanks

#4 Poor mom, I hope she found it at least a little bit funny between the labor pains

Source: malchik_gey

#5 I thought the same thing!

Source: venomus91

#6 Dora was frustrating

Source: izzysaks

#7 Congratulations! You are a mother

Source: joaruhi

#8 Did the same thing

Source: stkarlito

#9 Cows may not make it but it’s not possible without them

Source: bangersandhashh

#10 Off, I hate shots when I was younger

Source: katie__childs

#11 Some people shouldn’t be allowed to sing, though (myself included)

Source: tiffanyaide

#12 Talk about childhood trauma!

Source: Her0fCanada

#13 Leave my dad alone, you bastards!!

Source: HunnyGirl23

#14 Aw, that’s cute…

Source: pumpin_spice

#15 I didn’t know Schrodinger had a kid’s show

Source: jania_ainaj

#16 I think that’s a common child’s thinking

Source: kalebjgodfrey

#17 The Catholic Church of Satan

Source: TawnaciousD

#18 Only if she was a witch

Source: veganbxtch

#19 Good logic. He hit her car. Here is my child as recompense

Source: rriguess

#20 Everything is super gigantic when you are little

Source: Haybeme

Kid’s logic is a thing of envy. Their reasonings are not bound to anything even if it’s reality. It’s more like they use their imagination to explain things around them. It’s beautiful to witness such unrestricted freedom and pure innocence like that. Maybe it’s how they steal our hearts? Being silly but irresistibly adorable.

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