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10 Celebrities Who Paused Their Successful Careers To Focus On Their Children

In the cinema world, being a star in Hollywood is a real challenge for any actor. It’s so daunting that many of them have to leave Hollywood after realizing their bad luck. Therefore, it’s hard for these celebrities to put their blooming career on hold when they are achieving the status of big stars in Hollywood.

However, some celebrities stepped out of the spotlight to spend more time with their families. They truly understand that family should always come first. Of course, some other actors can deal with both their acting careers and personal life at the same time. But everyone has the right to make their own decisions and we all respect that. Indeed, these celebs who decided to put their careers on hold, are very clear about which is the best for them.

Here are 10 celebrities who put their career on hold to take care of their families. Would you make the same decision? Let’s check them out and leave your opinion in the comment section.

#1 Michael Schoeffling

Source: © Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS© scarloz / Instagram

The Sixteen Candles star Michael Schoeffling left his acting career at 31 years old in 1991 to support his family. Schoeffling and his ex-wife, model Valeria C. Robinson, showed that not only moms but also dads can deny their successful careers to take care of their kids. He also opened a carpentry and furniture shop. He might lose his fame but he certainly made people respect him. 

#2 Christina Milian

Source: © christinamilian / Instagram© christinamilian / Instagram

Christina Milian is always a great singer who has been regularly charting in the top five on the Billboard Hot 100. Still, she was also well-known for her acting, taking roles in several movies, such as Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Milian gave birth to her daughter Violet, and her work stagnated. She returned in 2015 and appeared in a movie about herself, in which she talks about her family life.

#3 Jessica Simpson

Source: © Dee Cercone/Everett Collection / East News© jessicasimpson / Instagram

Jessica Simpson was one of the most famous celebs in the world. She was out of the spotlight for a long time and returned with her music album which was released years ago. Simpson is considered a good mother and wife over financial gain. She revealed that becoming a mom of three children is challenging enough for her to quit her full-time work. The actor needs more time to maintain a rhythm and give equal attention to her 3 children.

#4 Candace Cameron Bure

Source: © candacecbure / Instagram© candacecbure / Instagram

DJ Tanner was the girl that we all loved. We spent many seasons with the Tanner family on Full House in the 1990s. Candace continued to work steadily after the show ended, in TV shows and movies. Bure’s career has a break after marrying Valeri Bure and having three children.

Cameron Bure decided to leave Hollywood’s fast-paced lifestyle and moved to the peaceful Napa Valley where she worked a few modest jobs each year while being a devoted wife and mother. Her beautiful children are happy with her decision and she now is resuming her role as DJ Tanner in Full House on Netflix.

#5 Julia Roberts

Source: © juliaroberts / Instagram© modermoder / Instagram

There is no doubt that Julia Roberts is a brand name in Hollywood and it’s not easy to find someone bigger. She can light up the darkest room and lift the lowest spirits with her smile. Her talent is undeniable. 

She tied the knot with Danny Moder, then moved to New Mexico and had three lovely children. Robert told in an interview that she had a sense of great pride in being home with her family and decided to become a homemaker.

#6 Shania Twain

Source: © Shania twain / Instagram© Shania twain / Instagram

Shania Twain conquered the country music field in the 1990s and early 2000s. She also won many Grammy awards. Twain tied the knot with Mutt Lange in 1993.

Twain and Lange share their kid Eja Lange and raise him in Switzerland. But Lyme borreliosis and dysphonia damaged her singing voice, so she had to take a more extended break from music to be a parent. After a decade later, Twain released her first studio album in 15 years. In 2018, she toured in favor of it.

#7 Lily Allen

Source: © Invision/Invision/East News© face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER / East News

Lily Allen always considers her duties as a mother ahead of everything else. The “Hard Out There” star said she abandoned music in 2011 to spend more time taking care of her family. Sadly, her daughter with her ex-husband Sam was born with laryngomalacia which made the daughter find difficulties in eating and breathing.

That’s why Allen decided to give up her career to help Ethel restore to full health. She just shares this recently, it took her a while to wrap her brain around what was the most terrible time of her life.

#8 Sharon Osbourne

Source: © sharonosbourne / Instagram© sharonosbourne / Instagram

Sharon Osbourne is still working in the film industry. However, Osbourne wishes to be out of the spotlight soon because she has welcomed her newest members, So she can spend more time with her family.

She told in an interview that she is willing to retire to take care of her granddaughter, Pearl.

#9 Halle Berry

Source: © halleberry / Instagram© halleberry / Instagram

Halle Berry has gained not only a lot of fame but also a lot of bad luck in Hollywood. Thanks to a lot of different kinds of movies, she won an Academy Award for Best Actress and a Razzie Award for Worst Actress. Her acting career was blooming until she decided to put her acting on hold when her first child, named Nahla, was born in 2008.

Halle Berry got out of the spotlight after that. It took her two years to do another movie named Frankie & Alice. Still, she just nailed it.

#10 Vera Farmiga

Source: © verafarmiga / Instagram© verafarmiga / Instagram

Vera Farmiga was very picky about the roles that take her away from her family. There are a lot of movies that have been very well-reviewed, like The Departed, The Conjuring, and Up in the Air that she’s been in.

Farmiga prefers spending time with her family on their farm in Upstate New York than starring in a movie. Acting will never interfere with parenting my children, she added. Her major concern now is how to raise her children in the best way. She revealed that she is the homemaker for her family.

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