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25 Stories Of Bosses Who Messed Up Really Bad After They Fired Their Employees Or They Quit

We’ve all experienced it at least once: you start a new job, fall in love with the work, and are eager to excel in the position. But eventually, you come to the realization that your employer isn’t the best. There are several possibilities, but the worst-case scenario is that they just exhibit some (or all) of the characteristics of a toxic boss: they are unyielding, unreliable, unavailable, impulsive, demanding, vindictive, etc.

Being forced to work for a lousy employer may be quite annoying. Even one’s career may terminate as a result. Because of this, some employees are courageous enough to leave their current position and take up one at a different company. Some of the employees below were fired, while others just left their jobs. Then, their evil leaders screwed up so badly. Then they posted on Twitter the craziest stories about their terrible employers. And some of the better ones have been gathered by us. View and upvote your favorite stories by scrolling down. Please share with us in the comments area below if you have ever had to deal with such awful supervisors.


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Probably everyone has seen the first Horrible Bosses film and its follow-up. The story revolves around a few workers who became tired of having to adhere to their terrible attitude or demands from their employers. There is no question that some of the entertaining events depicted in these two films have undoubtedly occurred, at least partially. We anticipate that the following list will demonstrate that there are managers who ultimately regret something about workers they either dismissed or coerced to resign. Employers may use the list as a practical reference since it shows them what they should never do in order to retain the best workers.


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That’s accurate, regardless of the actual circumstances, even a worker may be held solely accountable, especially if the supervisor has greater organizational clout. What’s worse, a lot of businesses are aware that they need more management training. According to a recent Gallup study, 60 percent of government employees suffer from bad leadership.


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