20 Celebrities Who Are Undebatable Evils In Real Life

People frequently treat celebrities like gods in the society we live in. We respect their skill and view them as role models for our own life as we watch them sing and act in movies. But occasionally, even the most adored superstars reveal themselves to be downright nasty in real life. They abuse those beneath them in the hierarchy, treat others like trash, abuse their celebrity and authority, act recklessly, and constitute a severe threat to others.
Needless to say, these superstars lose everything when the terrifying truth comes to light. Their careers fall apart, their movies and TV series are canceled, and their followers stop believing in them. They go from being the most adored stars in Hollywood to become the most despised. However, it's only fair since, had they not committed these heinous acts, they would still be at the top of the globe.

1. Mario Lopez

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Mario Lopez. He’s all love and light on Instagram but he’s a sneaky, selfish, manipulative person that consistently treats the crew around him like trash. Unfortunately I don’t suspect this, I’ve seen it first hand. I’m constantly surprised when I meet people that think there is anything nice about him. He’s a slimeball.

He cheated on his wife on their honeymoon. You can tell he’s a douchebag just by looking at him.

2. Joel Osteen

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ruestecatherineStraight up Joel Osteen wears a zipper mask resembling a human, but when he takes it off at night, a hideous monster, who probably sacrifices animals to Ba'al or his own effigy. Evil as fuck, same with Crespo Scamma and that antichrist sicko with all the airplanes, the one with the terrifying eyes.

3. Dan Schneider

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Dan get in the van SchneiderThere's a youtuber named slo4n that has a long series going in detail about all the sketchy shit dan shneider and nickelodeon in general have pulled with all the child actors and it's actually fucking terrible when you look into it, it's definitely worth a watch.
Just to add to it nickelodeon should be up there as one of the most evil companies ever as they have multiple known pedophiles in their team and even re-employed them after getting out of jail for molesting kids on the nickelodeon sets.

4. Michelle Duggar

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I’ve always been suspicious of Jim Bob. I have a feeling he has worse skeletons in his closet than Josh. Just better at not getting caught

5. Dr. Phil

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Dr. Phil for sure. There was an episode in the early 2000s featuring the mother of a missing girl named Natalee Holloway. They claimed to have confessions from the killers on tape. He showed that poor mother a completely edited conversation with the suspected murders that made it seem like a true confession. Later on they were called out on straight up lying and editing the tape.
Not to mention all those countless teenagers he’s sent to outdoor rehabilitation bullshit. The horror stories that have come out of those rehabs is disgusting. He doesn’t care about these people at all, they’re profit to him.

6. Laura Prepon

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She’s out! She announced earlier this year that it wasn’t part of her life anymore ?

7. Tyra Banks

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Yeah, she sometimes seemed genuinely unstable on ANTM. Just had these occasional weird aggressive moments for no reason.

8. Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann. I'm aware he's not quite a celebrity, but still. Something's really off about him.

9. Lea Michelle

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Mean girl vibes for sure

10. Ghislaine Maxwell

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Hopefully Ghislaine Maxwell will give us the full list before she "kills herself"...

11. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow, because of her goop products that are actually bad for health and she is still promoting them to people.

12. Steven Seagal

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Steven seagal. For starters he’s creepy and scary even on tv and ln interviews. He’s not scary in like a “big softy” way, but a creepy teacher way. Idk if he has controversy already, but it really feels like he does.

13. Kenneth Copeland

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I thought this one was out in the open

14. Jared Leto

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He’s pretty bad in public, I don’t think he’s hiding anything. True asshole. My best friend is a booking manager in the music industry. Booked Leto’s band for a show. Was a complete asshole to every single employee at the venue and wouldn’t pay money owed to the venue for months after the show.

15. Jefree Starr

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He told my friend at warped tour he wouldn't take a pic with her because she was too fat

16. Kylie Jenner

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Making billions while not paying poor garment workers in Bangladesh oof i guess that's a secret

17. Arnie Hammer

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Arnie Hammer is allegedly a cannibal. Which must have made failing the audition for the role of Hannibal Lecter particularly disappointing.

19. Steve Jobs

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Probably controversial opinion but read about apple Lisa. He told the mother of his first child he had had a vasectomy and therefore the child couldn’t be his. She had to support herself and the baby alone and ended up moving to a commune. All while he was raking in the dough, naming the computer the name of the child he denied fathering and starting a new family (with CHILDREN). It irks me that we put such a terrible man on a pedestal

Steve Jobs was a genuinely terrible person. I hate the deification that he appreciates after he passed. He was not a nice man and stole most of the ideas that he so-called invented. He was a modern Thomas Edison in the regard that most of the things he's famous for he did not invent.

20. Drake

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Drake the type of fella to sleep in a race car shaped bed
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