23 Anthony Bridgerton Tweets For Those Who Can't Stop Thinking About Season 2

Since Bridgerton season 2 premiered at the end of March, many fans have waited to watch the series until the very end. Admittedly, the latest season of Bridgerton doesn't have as many hot love scenes as the first season, but it really works to attract viewers.
It’s true—Bridgerton season 2 is sexier than its predecessor, in large part because of THE Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey). Anthony Bridgerton will take center stage in this new series, with his love triangle with Edwina Sharma – and her sister Kate – being a main feature in the new series. Indeed, the story surrounding this character has captured the ardent focus of meme-ists, TikTokers, and the Twitter hordes. Needless to say, the small, intimate moments between Anthony and Kate were some of the best parts of the series. Also, the scene where Anthony stepped out of the lake in a wet shirt was equally beloved. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.
So, if you still can't stop thinking about Bridgerton season 2, why don't we enjoy these Anthony Bridgerton tweets being shared on social media. Keep reading for more details!

#1 This is the only kind of dishonesty we'll allow in a relationship.

Source: @lastpages_

#2 Slutty gentleman is THE peak love interest.

Source: @aamnaqureshi_

#3 This is the future we want, ladies and gentlefolk.

Source: @itwasglorious_

#4 Amazing thigh though!

Source: Netflix

#5 The fans are proving woefully insufficient to calm the heat left following this season.

Source: Netflix

#6 So happy he found love!

Source: @kathanisharma

#7 That is some high level acting.

Source: Netflix

#8 No cause he is actually so amazing!

Source: Netflix

#9 That whisper was the sexiest thing.

Source: @BeeBabs

#10 Bridgerton really has me eyeing my man!

Source: @heavenbrat

#11 He is such a good actor


#12 Actually, the Lord is being tested.

Source: Netflix

#13 Where do we find him?

Source: Netflix

#14 Finally an attainable beauty standard.

Source: @rachelzkat

#15 Pick me!

Source: Netflix

#16 I am a gentleman.

Source: @evenstarsss

#17 He knows what he’s doing.

Source: Netflix

#18 The best choices he made in his entire life.

Source: Netflix

#19 Huge difference. Much better!


#20 One thing about anthony bridgerton:

Source: @ruebrina

#21 This man is really a poet.

Source: Fox

#22 And what a big plot it is…


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