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25 Times Famous People Brilliantly Reacted To Paparazzi

Celebrities receive a lot of public admiration and always become the focus of media attention no matter where they go. Mentioning them, it is impossible not to think of the luxurious life that most of us can only dream of. True, everyone wants to be famous, but they seldom consider the dangers of being in the public eye. Fans want to know what you’re up to on a daily basis, including what you’re eating, wearing and shopping for, since they aspire to be just like you. It can be exhausting because you never have a private moment to yourself.

While some stars seem to enjoy the attention, many others have feuds with the paparazzi. They just want to eat and drink or leave the airport in peace! Many celebrities disguise or cover their faces with a large hat or sunglasses simply to avoid being recognized in public. But others, as you see on this list, are more creative in their efforts to get revenge on the persistent paparazzi:

#1 Cristiano Ronaldo’s bodyguards try to destroy paparazzi photos with lasers.

Source: © Lagencia Grosby / East News

#2 Benedict Cumberbatch sends a direct message: “Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important”.

Source: © potterarchy / reddit

#3 Willow Smith, Will Smith’s daughter, hides with her own hair, and Cara Delevingne copies his trick to conceal from DiCaprio.

Source: © PacificCoastNews / East News, © PRI/The Grosby Group / East News

#4 Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman is very nervous when facing the paparazzi. But he decides to play with the media just a few minutes later.

Source: © LGjr-RG, PacificCoastNew / East News, © LGjr-RG, PacificCoastNew / East News

#5 Alec Baldwin tries to hide from the camera, using a blanket.

Source: © Felipe Ramales, PacificCoastNews / East News, © Felipe Ramales, PacificCoastNews.com / East News

#6 Charlize Theron and Emily Ratajkowski use whatever they have in their hands to hide.

Source: © Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews / East News,  © PG/BauerGriffin.com / MEGA / East News

#7 Joseph Gordon-Levitt begs the paparazzi to leave him alone when he spots them.

Source: © DrunkOtter / reddit, © DrunkOtter / reddit© DrunkOtter / reddit

#8 The woman poses as if she was the subject of the cameras. The fact is that supermodel Karlie Kloss is standing behind her.

Source: © Realgirldiet / reddit,  © Realgirldiet / reddit© Realgirldiet / reddit

#9 When Kanye West sees a camera, his mood changes dramatically.

Source: © whoknowshow / imgur, © whoknowshow / imgur

#10 Dustin Hoffman has been caught in so many places I can’t count.

Source: © grahamalfie / imgur, © grahamalfie / imgur

#11 Britney Spears has a penchant for pouring Soda on paparazzi.

Source: © JacobIsaac / imgur, © slightlydramatic / imgur

#12 Leonardo DiCaprio understands what it takes to escape the paparazzi at any moment.

Source: © fefelol / imgur, © fefelol / imgur

#13 Canadian actor Ryan Gosling makes a funny face for the paparazzi.

Source: © ScarecrowBoatMouseRatMaliceinChainsPunchFaceChampion / imgur

#14 Mark Wahlberg asks his friends to fight the paparazzi.

Source: © Unknown / imgur

#15 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield try to divert the attention of photographers to something much more useful.

Source: © steve699 / imgur, © steve699 / imgur

#16 Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas pretend to be statues until the paparazzi disappear.

Source: © m_b22 / reddit 

#17 An Alec Baldwin run-in with paparazzi told in 2 pictures.

Source: © Ryno3639 / reddit, © Ryno3639 / reddit

#18 Daniel Radcliffe gets photographed by paparazzi while dining at a restaurant. And his reaction is priceless.

Source: © Kahleesi / imgur, © Kahleesi / imgur© Kahleesi / imgur

#19 The way to avoid the paparazzi is done similarly by Lily Allen and Bella Hadid.

Source: © Palace Lee, PacificCoastNews / East News, © MEGA / East News

#20 Kesha hides behind her boyfriend.

Source: © PacificCoastNews / East News

#21 Ricky Martin says hello to the paparazzi.

Source: © Carlos Piaggio/Grosby Group / East News

#22 Katy Perry in Buenos Aires in full camouflage.

Source: © RS Fotos/The Grosby Group / East News

#23 Eva Mendes hides behind her hair.

Source: © East News, © East News

#24 This is how Ariel Winter escapes the paparazzi while shopping in Los Angeles.

Source: © TED, PacificCoastNews / East News, © TED, PacificCoastNews / East News

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