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These Teachers Deserve An A+ For Their Sense Of Humor

What do you think about your teachers? Are they difficult people who always look into your mistakes? Or are they the ones whom you can tell your problems and ask for advice? Depending on age, people may have different perspectives on this. For the older generations, teachers appear to be more strict in words and actions and always show up with a serious look on their faces. Well, that’s how teachers make students afraid of them, right?

Now, teachers are more friendly in general. They don’t control their students with fears anymore, but sympathy and respect instead. The class that used to be silent is now filled with laughter. And that’s definitely a promising change. Mutual respect and understanding pull us closer to each other. Fairly to say, when the relationship between teachers and students becomes more relaxed, they both do better in class.

Most of the teachers are all devoted to their jobs. In one way or another, they try with 100% of their strength to make every lesson more enjoyable for students. And with a brilliant sense of humor, we believe that the job will be done beautifully. Have you ever thought that your teacher could also be a part-time comedian? If not, then come with us to see this.

Down below, we have collected 25 pictures of teachers with an A+ sense of humor. They know how to cheer everyone up in various situations. Even when it’s a complaint, a warning, or a protest, they implement their sense of humor so finely that people can’t resist sharing it online with everyone else. Teacher or comedian? Why choose one when you can be both? We believe that’s exactly the personal motto of these teachers.

Now, let’s scroll down and enjoy a good dose of laughter with our humorous teachers. Be sure to reach the end of this post!

#1 The best form of protest

Source: it_roll

#2 One of the English teachers at my Highschool put this in the hall outside her door

Source: Amk1221amk

#3 We want meme day

Source: Ginger_King

#4 Sacrifice for science

Source: AvgRedditUser29

#5 She’s probably everyone’s favorite teacher

Source: Mausbarchen

#6 This teacher has a solid set of rules

Source: cabbage_fork

#7 A man of culture

Source: Ginger_Rogers

#8 Nice quotes

Source: bp6108

#9 How to get your students to stop cheating in exams

Source: AzaleeApplegate

#10 Some teachers edited this sign in the cafeteria

Source: bluebirdgm

#11 The struggle is real

Source: DedRuck

#12 A great Rick Roll

Source: isaynonowords

#13 All the answers are hilarious but this one is outstanding

Source: ItsD3adly

#14 Words of truth

Source: MrsJordanHarris

#15 This is the only way

Source: bigbuttock

#16 As they should

Source: goonch4

#17 What a great code

Source: thefangirlfiles

#18 Did it work?

Source: JhbTeam

#19 Can’t waste that chance

Source: toxicbob12

#20 Teacher adds some much-needed clarity

Source: superguff17

#21 Power move

Source: taylorclark0808

#22 Totoro!!

Source: venanzimus

#23 Yikes!

Source: misschicken

#24 How cute!

Source: Squeezymo

#25 Take this as a warning

Source: OfficerOvaries

That’s wholesome of a teacher. We believe that you all will love to have them teaching you lessons in class. Who doesn’t want to hear a good joke after a difficult lesson? That’s one effective way to release stress and boost productivity.

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