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24 Idiots And The Times They Were Caught Acting So Blatantly Stupid

What is one way to keep you free from stress? Do not get into an argument with stupid people! Sure thing. Uneducated and poorly educated people use logic so weirdly we can’t understand. And most of the time, they hold a super strong belief in their “logic” and refuse to listen to any explanation. Well, who can be sillier than the ones who don’t listen?

Most of the time, when people spot someone stupid, they often leave right away or avoid contact to keep their mind out of unnecessary bullsh*t. No one wants trouble. Ah, maybe someone does. As far as we know, idiots are usually found getting involved in trouble due to their negligence. Well, they did it all by themselves, so we can say that they actively seek trouble.

Anyway, as long as their stupid stories don’t get to us, then we won’t bother. However, sometimes, people encounter someone so blatantly stupid they simply can’t get over it. Like, what would you do if you hear a friend of yours tell you to get over your loss because that’s something God wanted to happen? That sucks! Your religious belief has nothing to do with me nor my loss. And your words don’t sound anything sympathetic at all.

Down below, people share 24 times they encountered such stupid people, they just had to share it online. It’s hard to tell which one of these is sillier, but we can be sure that the level of stupidity these people have reached will blow your mind. So now, let’s scroll down to check them out. And be sure to reach the end of this post!

#1 What an absolute b***h of a woman

Source: DareWright, Johannes Jander

A mutual friend suffered a miscarriage. My coworker told her, “Everything happens for a reason. God must have wanted this to happen.”

#2 I just… don’t think I have the strength for these people anymore

Source: zyzzfansikkunt79, Kai Hendry

“I don’t want to take the vaccine it will make me sterile.”

“You are 65.”

#3 Cough it up, kid. Get that lemonade stand up and running

Source: bowlbettertalk, Morris County Library (NJ)

“Why should I be responsible for my son’s late fees?”

I dunno, lady. Maybe because he’s 12 and can’t get a job yet? Also, there’s the matter of the letter you and he signed when he got his library card that says you’re responsible for any fines on the account, as his parent or legal guardian. Just a shot in the dark.

#4 Omg, I’m wheezing here

Source: fg10037, Thom Chandler

I have seizures and I had somebody ask me if they were contagious. My cousin was right next to me and elbowed me and whispered for me to start coughing. By the way, my cousin is blind and when I started coughing she chucked her cane behind her fake panicking that she suddenly couldn’t see and the guy ran away so he wouldn’t “catch the seizures”.

My cousin busted out laughing when she heard him run off saying she wished she could see his reaction and that it must have been priceless. I explained what it looked like to her and she fell to the ground laughing. She’s just as evil too when people ask her dumb questions about her being blind as she had someone ask her today if it was deadly even though she was born blind.

#5 No, it’s in Chile. Come on, guys

Source: ayarbee, Nathan Hughes Hamilton

“I went to Spain last summer.”

“Where is that? Mexico?”

My eye twitched so hard that I thought it might fall out.

#6 If that was the case KFC would have the market cornered

Source: zerbey,joiseyshowaa

“The government wants you to think we’re running out of oil, we’re not because it comes from bones. We could extract it from chicken bones”.

I was fascinated by how he had interpreted fossil fuels and then come to the most hilariously wrong conclusion.

#7 But do they like treading on insects? Dead ant. Dead ant

Source: Bumblebee-Bzzz, Aardwolf6886

A work colleague came in the day after a visit to the zoo telling us that panthers aren’t really pink.

#8 She believed in the Disney magic a little too literally

Source: mox44ah,Loren Javier

While standing in the middle of Disney World and staring at a foldable paper map of the park in her own hands, my sister-in-law goes, “Why doesn’t this map tell me where I am? These maps usually have a little arrow that says something like ‘You are here so you know where you’re at.”

#9 I hope his wife reads it

Source: Swampwolf42, XoMEoX

“Evolution is b******t. If I threw a million people off the Empire State Building, *not one of them* would evolve wings!”

Yeah, Randall (his real name because f**k him), that’s not evolution, that’s magic. Now go back to getting drunk after church and driving your kids home, and when you come back to work, don’t forget to f**k another 18-year-old server on the tables after the close. Don’t worry, I’m sure your wife will never know. Idiot scumbag.

#10 That man was a cockwomble. Good riddance

Source: eryismum, Lisa Brewster

Actually a doctor. So hear me out.

On September 18th, 2021, my mother, unfortunately, passed away. She and I both had Covid, as we lived together and unfortunately her body couldn’t handle it. This lead to anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and guilt. I felt like it was my fault for my mother’s [passing]. Anyway, to the doctor. I decided in December that I couldn’t go on the way I was. I was never leaving my boyfriend’s house. I chose to go to therapy in seek of some help with my issues.

When I got an intake appointment, I had to see a doctor there to prescribe, what I expected to be an antidepressant. The moment I sat down, I already had a weird vibe from him. He was quiet, his tone was dull. We started going over my charts and why I was there, etc. and I told him everything he needed to know.

I told him about my guilt, and a prior issue I had even before my mother’s [passing]. I have a phobia of vomiting, so I brought it up. This doctor told me to just “throw up”, and i would no longer be afraid. He then proceeded to say that I was a very anxious person who is “on the spectrum”. and finally, the KICKER, he told me all my loved ones would go to hell.

Needless to say, I walked out of there sobbing my eyes out. I called the place to file a complaint and thankfully—haven’t seen that man since.

#11 Moonlight is just the afterglow after they turn the sun off for the night

Source: UnderThat,llee_wu

One of my ex-coworkers was convinced that the sun and the moon were the same things. He thought it turned around at night and became the moon. He was astonished one morning when I pointed to the moon in broad daylight. I thought he was going to have a panic attack. Luckily, we were sharing a joint behind the warehouse and he calmed down a bit. He still didn’t fully understand and kept glancing at the sky for the rest of our shift.

#12 Ever been to a hospital? Those doctors and nurses are falling over dead every day. Oh, the humanity!

Source: LimpGur556,7C0

When I hear someone says “If I wear a mask, I can’t breathe”

#13 Her science teacher be like: Fine!

Source: w0mba7,Pejman Parvandi

There was an advocate on TV for science education for women.

She said, “Not enough teenage girls are studying science, we need to turn this around 360°.”

#14 My friend thought that the black market was a store in each city that you could go walk around and buy guns and poison and stuff

Source: SlimJim31415,Kai Hendry

A girl once asked how [illegal substances] were sold. I told her about the black market. Then she shouts in front of everyone. “Wow, that’s SO racist.”

#15 And how many of your family and friends have caught amputations since?

Source: SlaterVJ,Richard

The first person I dated after my amputation, freaked out over it and said to stay away because they didn’t want to catch what I had as if amputations due to cancer are contagious. This was right when Myspace had started getting popular, and texting cost you like, 10cents per text.

#16 Makes you really wonder how some people even make it to adulthood

Source: SuvenPan, Kevin Gill

“If Earth is spinning, why my front door is always facing east?”

#17 It is, spread by our Lizard Overlords. To distract us from the 5g towers giving everyone the virus

Source: Historical-Tie-7390, Pedro Szekely

A colleague of mine thought jellyfish were a myth.

#18 I don’t wanna know how many reservations that hostess has screwed up

Source: beard_lover, Dennis Sylvester Hurd

Went to make a dinner reservation for “a quarter to 7.” The hostess on the phone said they didn’t have anything available at that time but had a table available for 6:45.

#19 Come on Ed. Use your head

Source: Maxwyfe,persand

“Why did the attorney withdraw from my case?”

“Because you didn’t respond to our emails and you failed to appear in court.”

“But I don’t check my email.”

B***h, you hired us by email.

Second favorite: “They never saw me driving, though.”

“Ed, you were passed out in the driver’s seat next to an empty bottle of vodka, covered in your own urine. They’re gonna suspect you were driving drunk.”

“Yeah, but who saw me driving though?”

#20 RBG, Sonia Sotomayer, Elena Kagan, Sandra Day O’Connor

Source: AdolfBonaparte69,bswise

A fellow in my class said Ketanji Brown was not suited for the role of supreme court justice because she’s a “woman” and is “soft” thus she will “get too attached to cases”.

#21 The fact that he is using cartoons to hone his language skills tells a story

Source: RevolutionaryEggRoll, Scot NelsonF

My ex’s brother in full confidence said ‘lava’ was 2 words. Tried to explain its 2 syllables, not words. I was the idiot apparently.

For context, we were watching a Phineas and Ferb movie they were all on a chain over lava. Phineas tells them to let go of the cliff and Candace says something along the lines of “I have 1 word for you! LA-VA!” And then his brother looked at us and proudly said “that’s 2 words, dumba&s”. He was/is notorious for having little to no common sense.

#22 Based on this thread, they are DESPERATELY needed

Source: Cat_Astrophe_X, Gord Webster

That public libraries are irrelevant in today’s society.

#23 Not mammals? What are they then? Dinosaurs?

Source: a-jm93, reader of the pack

That of course Cats and Dogs are opposites, like the opposite of up is down, etc. And that of course they’re not mammals…

#24 And these people are allowed to work in colleges and the medical field… We need better education!

Source: magicrowantree, Christopher, Tania, and Isabelle Luna

Pregnant with my first at the time. Was dragged over to my in-law’s place for my husband’s birthday lunch or whatever I was required to show my face at. They’re not the most intelligent people despite holding degrees, but this is forever burned in my mind:

” …don’t let your OB do the ultrasound too long! No more than 10 seconds or you’ll fry the baby alive!”

My MIL teaches ultrasound technology at a local college. And she told me this. She was always into fear-mongering, but good god, all I could do was stare at her dumbfounded and eventually say, “uh, no, that’s not how ultrasounds work…”

Bonus just because it’s a common stupidity. My FIL claims you can’t get COVID if you’re vaccinated. He works in the medical field.

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