17 Spicy Posts That Aren't As Innocent As They Seem

According to statistics, an average person spends around six hours each day on the internet. What does the internet have that keeps people stay online for so long? You know, the digital world is like a whole new universe. And this universe still has many things for us to explore. That's why people keep coming back to see what else the internet can offer.
Depending on how you use the internet, it can be helpful, providing a lot of information with open sources for further research. But, the entertaining feature of the internet is probably the one that people love most. With all sorts of social media platforms and entertainment websites, you'll never get bored because there is countless stuff out there that suits your liking.
After a long day at work, we all love to chill in the evening, watching movies or scrolling through the web for some laughter. And the internet got you. It knows that we love little pleasant surprises, so here we go. Yes, sometimes, the internet catches you off guard. But this time, it'll catch you WAY off guard, we believe.
Down below, we have collected some posts that'll make you go "wait...what?" while reading. The way these posts twist and turn will bewilder your mind. So now, let's scroll down and check them out. Make sure to reach the end of this post.

#1 Neighbor smells

Source: GoGeurt / Twitter

#2 Bad place for a dad joke

Source: md_yeamin_habib

#3 Know how to play game

Source: africaquiche

#4 Okay now what?

Source: d3333p7

#5 Hearing

Source: FaithKMoore

#6 Water is useful

Source: HeatherAntos

#7 Don't forget to check the slow cooker

Source: sullenxriot

#8 Different preferences

Source: n1aller9

#9 Just one month!

Source: Guillotine46

You can do it, too. Want that dream body but don't have time and motivation to go to the gym every day? Don't worry. Come with us, and we will make your dream come true. In just one month, you'll learn enough photoshop skills to change your body. Within a month, you can turn that dad bob into six-packs with our photoshop course. Let's come try it!

#10 Never knew his other job

Source: Dadsaysjokes

#11 Chilling by the window

Source: tastefullyoffensive

This is just...so wrong. Thought that it would be a heart-warming post about a blind dog with the motivation to live its life to the fullest. However, it turned out to be a quirky, ridiculous story that makes people laugh like idiots. And spit out their drink, too.

#12 Brutus and Caeser

Source: brunhiddensmusings

#13 You do it

Source: pilau

No way, man. You can't rob with that silly smile on your face. At least make it look more serious. Haizz, and no robber would ever say a full sentence like "gimme your money this is a robbery" like that. Just break in and scream "give me your money" like what you've seen in action movies.

#14 Ouch

Source: Significant-Account1

#15 Counterfeit bills

Source: BlindChow

#16 You any good?

Source: GoodZiIIa

#17 Was this a wardrobe mistake or a clue?

Source: ___im___bored___

Well, we bet that not a single one of you guys here could predict the ending of these posts. How can things turn so unexpectedly, in such a weird logic like that? Still, that's what we love when spending time on the internet, simple amusements. The internet knows that we love surprises, and we are glad to receive surprises like these.
Have you ever seen anything ironically funny like the ones in this list? If yes, let us know in the comment section down below. We would love to hear your stories.
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