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20 Incompetent Co-workers And Their Incredibly Dumb Mistakes, People Can’t Even

Even though no one can keep themselves free of mistakes, most of those mistakes are preventable. Right, they only happen due to our lack of awareness. Still, blunders are a part of human life, as we said. Just keep everything within a limit so that you don’t screw up too badly. Well, that’s the idea.

As an employee, I confirm that working alone sometimes is the best choice available. You may think that working with colleagues would be much more interesting, yeah, somewhat. You have people to talk to, to ask for help when you need it, and to share your thoughts about various things. Well, don’t expect too high because the reality can be quite…disappointing.

It’s not always the case that you will work with skillful or humourous co-workers. Sometimes, they’re idiots that you wish to get rid of. Working with them must be the most terrible nightmare. Those incompetent co-workers not only cause trouble to themselves, but their idiocy can also put other innocent co-workers in their tangled mess. Fairly to say, it’s not anything of a fun experience.

In the list below, people are sharing the times they witnessed such stupid mistakes made by their incompetent co-workers. People say that those mistakes were utterly ridiculous and stupid. So stupid that they can’t forget them. Like, have you ever seen anyone divide Guinea pigs based on the length of their fur? If you work at a pet store and your coworker did this, it’ll be a huge mess.

So, let’s scroll down to check out this list of unforgettably dumb mistakes. And if you have seen anything similar, then tell us in the comment section down below.

#1 Also, it was the best day the guinea pigs had ever had

Source: PumpkinsDad,pezibear

At a Petco, all the Guinea pigs were in a big plexiglass enclosure with a center divider. Boys on one side and girls on the other. An employee decided that all the long-haired Guinea pigs should be on one side and short-haired on the other. It took forever to sort them out and all the females were pregnant.

#2 Health & safety officer?? Please tell me that’s a joke. I’d never trust H&S ever again after this!

Source: tallbutshy,27707

I was working in an open-plan office that had a small kitchen area at one end, microwave, kettle, sink, toaster, and water cooler.

We saw one of the managers fiddling with the toaster for a while, looked like she was trying to clean it. It never occurred to her to remove the crumb tray, she was poking around inside it with a knife while it was still plugged into the wall. People just sat back and watched, wondering how long before she got zapped.

Then she turns on the tap and lifts the toaster towards the sink. Someone stepped in then to stop her. You might just write this off as someone being a bit dim but she was the Health & Safety Officer for the building.

#3 Narcolepsy?

Source: barto5,bdulbosit Melikuziev

Annual sales meeting.

A brand new guy is seated next to the CEO. He proceeds to put his head down and fall asleep on the table. During the meeting.

They woke him up at lunch to fire him.

#4 What. The. F**K. Do you know how many plane crashes are caused by people not telling anyone that the plane’s damaged?! This guy could have killed hundreds of people!

Source: BigZombieKing,OrnaW

Had a coworker land a plane on the edge of the runway. Like the starting edge. Cracked a landing gear leg and bent a turbine blade in one engine. Then the scatter-brained old moron doesn’t log it or tell anyone. Just parks it and walks away. The next crew doesn’t notice the damage, because it’s really not easily detectable. So they go flying and get a bunch of weird s**t going on with the port engine. When they turn back, the f*****g gear wouldn’t lock down. Fortunately, they were able to get on the ground and stopped without making themselves or anyone on board dead.

All we did was fire him. No reports to our regulator, no criminal complaint about his conduct. In hindsight, I should have made those complaints myself rather than leaving it to our management.

#5 Guess they got the point

Source: kingcrimson881,Markus Spiske

Working in a pharmacy, a pharmacist gave a customer a flu shot and threw the used syringe in the container with the new syringes instead of the container to dispose of them. Another pharmacist went to grab a new syringe later on and ended up getting stabbed with the used syringe. Caused a total s**t storm.

#6 Viewing at a cemetery?!

Source: Shubabi,emkanicepic

Took the wrong coffin to a funeral. Someone else had to drive to the cemetery with the correct deceased on board, and thankfully they made it before the viewing.

#7 He won’t even notice the difference between a workplace accident and idiot hell

Source: FormerWordsmith,evan p. cordes

Removing the plastic wrapping from a pallet of 5-gallon cans of (highly flammable) acetone. He didn’t have a box cutter so he proceeded to melt it with a lighter

#8 That hurts just from reading

Source: Mr_Frible,Charles McGowan

Tried to retrieve his lighter from a deep fat fryer with his hands. boy was that fun to clean up.

#9 “I’m going down in a blaze of glory…”

Source: RosenBrtt,doctor-a

I used to work for a landscaping company and over the course of a summer I witnessed one of my co-workers accidentally set 3 different things on fire (a hedge trimmer, a truck, and himself)

#10 Old habits die hard

Source: zachm26,startupstockphotos

Not a mistake necessarily, but I once witnessed our chief accounting officer (and our only accountant; it was a small company) type in values into two Excel cells, pull out a calculator, add the two numbers together in the calculator, and then type the answer in a third cell. She had apparently been doing this for years, with sheets consisting of thousands of rows. I explained how to use formulas and copy them but she apparently forgot because I saw her doing the same thing again months later.

#11 Ouch! I used to work in the field of radiation protection, so this story really hurt

Source: LtDirtyBear,Dan Meyers

I worked as a Radiation Protection Tech at a power plant that was refueling. My job was to sit outside of a contaminated area and if anyone wanted to take something out of the area (tools, etc.) I had to make sure it didn’t have any radioactive particles on it.

To do this you wipe the tool with something like tissue and then hold the tissue up to a machine called a frisker. If the needle on the frisker goes above a threshold then the tool has to be cleaned or left in the area.

One day I come back to relieve a guy who had been sitting outside the area for 2 hours. He tells me there have been no issues and everything has cleared. I look at the frisker, lean over and turn the machine on.

#12 That’s a way to do busy work if you don’t like the regular work

Source: eljosho1986,slgckgc

My wife worked at a gas station and found out her coworker, who had been there for years, had been refilling the napkin dispenser by cramming them one at a time through the front slot. She walked up and unfastened the back and apparently his jaw hit the floor. He had never considered that there might be a better way to do this.

#13 Well, was it a mistake, or was it his plan all along?

Source: Clear_Suspect2987,stocksnap

I hired a new employee on Friday and gave him directions to the job site for Monday morning. He got there early and helped thieves load all of the building material on their truck and take off. The webcam showed him stopping traffic so they could leave.

#14 Using Comic Sans is so unprofessional. No wonder he got fired

Source: Visible_Love_1955,Stephen Phillips

I worked at a company with a shared inbox. One guy sent all of his emails with a distinct font and color. He was super untrustworthy and sucked at the job.

One day he sent an email to a customer from the shared inbox but put my signature on it, to make it seem like it came from me instead of him. He left the font and color the same as all of his other emails.

He didn’t last long there after that.

#15 Must have been a Beatles fan

Source: atot806,1338433

The designer, creative director, and head of the production all missed that there was an eight-day week on the calendar. We sent 10 000 copies of a useless calendar to a client. Rightly so, they refused to pay for it.

#16 If there was no call host on that session who could easily mute his mic, turn off his camera and even remove him easily this company is as incompetent as that employee

Source: remembering_things,pexels

I worked for a non-profit that hired a guy in fundraising purely “for his Rolodex” and they couldn’t care less about any of his job functions as long as he kept bringing more rich people to fundraiser parties. Well when the pandemic hit and we were forced to go remote, it became clear how incompetent he was with technology, and how he’d been coasting for years in the office by sticking to phone calls instead of email, etc.

We had our first major online fundraiser coming up and I warned my boss that this dude had no idea how Zoom worked – never muted himself, camera up the nose, treated it like watching a YouTube video. But again, he was the guy inviting all the rich people to the event, so they didn’t want to “lecture him about a computer program” and “hurt his ego”.

Then in our massive 200+ person zoom event, he set his laptop on the bathroom counter and proceeded to take a shirtless, nasty old man dump complete with grunting, splashing, and squelching. It was so loud it drowned out the speaker. They had to end the event early because they had no way to mute him and it kept going for a full two minutes with no sign of stopping. I nearly threw my laptop out a window that night.

#17 Why is Jerry still an employee? The mind boggles

Source: ONSFishing,Michael Casey

I don’t know exactly the problem, but my wife and I had a house built, 3 months after our closing the company that installed the HVAC wanted to do routine maintenance as part of the warranty. The guy came in and looked at the system set up in the attic and just “oh this is Jerry’s work” in a very apologetic voice and scheduled someone to come out and redo 90% of the work before the warranty began.

I don’t know what Jerry did, but it was apparently well known in that company to likely need to be redone.

#18 Were they instructed on how to correctly deal with it beforehand? If not, I’d have to say they aren’t entirely the ones at fault. If they WERE told how to handle it, then yeah, I’d agree that’s (almost) enough to earn a Darwin Award!

Source: Onwisconsin42,craig hellier

I worked on a golf course during the summer. Area with lots of poison ivy. Two of my coworkers were instructed to weedy a river edge area. If we encounter poison ivy, we either stop what we are doing or go get full suit protection with respirators.

These dumba**es were weed whacking in the thickest poison ivy I had ever seen. No protective suit or glasses or respirator. I roll up and notice what the hell they’re doing and point out all the poison ivy everywhere- they were aerosolizing the oil. They both ended up in the hospital on steroids to prevent their death because of the oils they inhaled.

#19 He lost it?

Source: allthefishinthelake,Bonnie Kittle

#20 Pour a teaspoonful of bleach into their coffee right in front of them & say “I’m sure it’s fine; it was only a little bit” … perhaps then they’ll realize their error!

Source: Yaboijustlikesgoats,uillermo Casales

Was making pizza. Guy broke the pizza board(the thing with the handle you make the pizza on and then slide the pizza into the oven) I found the other one and he lost that. So I told him to make pizzas on one of the plastic cutting boards. He put the pizza into the oven on the board and just left it. The board melted No more pizza that day.

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