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25 Reminders That Toxic Masculinity Is Still A Problem

Being born as men, they take the responsibility to be the guardians of this society. People say that a man can never show his weakness to anyone because this world is unforgiving and dangers are all around. That’s why they cover themselves up in a tough guy’s appearance. But, maybe, under that intimidating look is a calm, gentle soul that beaming with love?

That would be interesting. We bet that you all have heard about ‘tough guys.’ Yes, they are guys who are obsessed with showing their manhood. They use cuss words excessively in any situation. They go around in public carrying a big gun. They boast that they have no fear, and people better watch out not to bother them. Well, that sounds cool enough, huh?

They indeed try hard to complete their tough-guy look. However, a good outcome doesn’t always follow your effort, like these guys. They tried embarrassingly hard to prove that they were tough, but we could only see that they were pathetic. Understandable. A lion doesn’t have to roar to prove it’s a lion, but lion cubs will love to do that.

It’s so cringe-worthy and sad to look at these people. Still, it’s also entertaining to see how these guys turn themselves into walking jokes in public. In the list below, we have collected some of the most hilarious and embarrassing tough-guy posts from the internet just for you. “From cradle to grave, I’m a living nightmare.” Let’s scroll down to check them out and have some good laughs. Be sure to reach the end of this post.

#1 This man let everyone know that he is indeed a “male”

Source: Educational_Sir3783

#2 This man needs to threaten people with adultery in order to seem tough

Source: dwaynepebblejohnson3

#3 This man came up with the most bogus “alpha male” terms

Source: frozenshrimpz

#4 This man is threatening to kick people’s asses if they have negative opinions about his country — hopefully he’s ready to kick millions of asses

Source: alexgorham1

#5 This man wants everyone to know the power of the forklift operator

Source: Mrbrettwet115

#6 This man too

Source: anonymousbwmb

#7 This man is weirdly bragging about not having friends — sounds like insecurity to me

Source: mpiftekos

#8 This man is terrorizing his teenage neighbors with a gun

Source: adequateadventure

#9 This man came up with the most bizarre theory about dogs, which makes him look more stupid than tough

Source: Big_Dicc_Terry

#10 This man invented a SUPER believable story

Source: Yoitsjoe101

#11 This man thinks his hoodie is intimidating

Source: Sxover

#12 This man likes to hide behind his computer

Source: PPSOGOOD69

#13 This man is the “champion of death,” albeit being alive

Source: antisocialrobot

#14 This man thinks anyone who hates assault rifles is a “whiny little bitch”

Source: Drop_Alive_Gorgeous

#15 This man has absolutely no chance with a woman

Source: destructiveredhead

#16 This man got embarrassingly heated over a silly Facebook video

Source: whoaisthatatesla

#17 This man thinks he could kick god’s ass

Source: Rudyscrazy1

#18 This man is talking about something. IDK what, but something

Source: memes-central

#19 This man is a total weirdo

Source: MaximumWannabe

#20 This man’s only personality trait is being tall

Source: _herbert-earp_

#21 This man is a “cold-hearted bitch”

Source: CallingKall

#22 This man bullies people who are just trying to do their jobs

Source: bwmamanamedsha

#23 This man brought a whole-ass rocket launcher to Subway

Source: dcpsol

#24 This man goes around breaking people’s stoves to show how “tough” he is

Source: ZakIsWack

#25 This man wants everyone to know that he would totally pet a coyote or wolf if he had the chance

Source: Difficult-Ad628

Toxic masculinity is still a problem these days. In fact, you don’t need to show your tattoo or your big gun to make you a man. It can even backfire and make you look like an idiot. Still, many people are falling for this false idea and guidance, resulting in absurd and hilarious incidences. Not gonna lie, if I see any of those ‘tough guys’ in public, I will just sit down and watch their performance. It’s entertaining, you know.

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