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Strange story: Man Yells At Child For Petting His Dog, Redditors Side With Him And Call The Kid’s Parents Out 

As dog lovers, you are often drawn toward cute dogs. You tend to get close to them and give them cuddles and pets. 

Regardless of the reasoning, interacting with a stranger’s dog without asking their permission is not always the best move. The dogs can be very anxious and do not always respond well to strangers. Even when they respond perfectly friendly to strangers, you need to ask their owners before petting them. The honest truth is that no one knows a dog better than his or her owner. And you never know how this dog will respond to your attention!

In this post, we would like to bring you a story of a man who went mad at a strange child for petting his dog without asking. He just wanted to protect the child and his dog, but she and her parents looked at him like he was an asshole for telling their kid they couldn’t pet his dog. That’s the reason why the man decided to share his story the subreddit r/childfree on Reddit to give a shout-out to parents who make their kids ask permission before petting dogs.


#1 A strange story

The 27-year-old man who goes by the name u/TheBimmerGuy shared he and his girlfriend have been together for 7 years. They are happily child-free and intend to stay that way.

Source: Today’s Parent

He wrote: “I’m really glad I found this sub filled with so many like-minded people, we were both reading through some of the posts and it just further reminded us why we chose what we did. We are both avid animal lovers and both regularly joke that our animals are the only children we’ll ever have.”

“We love taking our dog anywhere we can because she’s a great companion and friend. Naturally, and a major downside of taking her everywhere, is that crotch goblins will run up to her out of nowhere, because, “A PUPPY!!!!” She was a shelter dog and is very anxious around people other than my GF and I.”

The man then shared he had to yell at someone’s dumbass kid at the hardware store because she just ran up to his dog and screamed “doggie” in her face and lunged at her.

“I looked at her and sternly told her that you ask someone before you try to pet their dog. Luckily, my reaction time has been getting quicker with these things (this is a regular occurrence)”

“I picked her up and left the store to calm her down but I gave that kid and her dad a death stare on my way out. It’s even wilder to me when parents look at me like I’m an asshole for telling their kid they can’t pet MY dog”.

“Some even have the nerve to speak up and ask why. I never give them a reason other than” because I said so” because I owe them and their crotch goblins nothing.”

Source: u/TheBimmerGuy

Source: u/TheBimmerGuy


#2 Redditors reactions

We and Redditors agree with OP here and always encourage people to follow this simple courtesy! We are sure that dog owners truly appreciate it so much.

Source: r/childfree

Source: r/childfree

Source: r/childfree

Source: r/childfree

Parents need to teach their kids BOUNDARIES.

Source: r/childfree

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