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Twitter Thread: People Share 35 Most Ridiculous Unexpected Reasons They Take Their Pets To Vet

It is a normal reaction that when a health emergency arises, we, as pet owners, often panic and rush to the vet. However, in some cases, we’ll soon realize that there was nothing wrong with our pets, but the way we thought is the major problem that causes us to be in a completely silly situation.

Real-life has shown us that some things don’t mean the same as they appear to be. Likewise, sometimes, pets being taken to the vet doesn’t mean that they are ill, or sick, or unhealthy. The reason might turn out to be ridiculous. Twitter user @Kristin Chirico has sparkled an interesting thread about silly emergency vet bills, and pet owners’ stories started to roll in.

To put a smile on your face, today we’ll compile some of the most-liked responses to Kristin Chirico’s post, regarding this Twitter thread. Scroll down to enjoy, and make sure you don’t forget to share this article with your pet-loving pals, too. If you have experienced the same thing as these pet owners have, feel free to add a comment to share the stories of your not-so-serious vet visits and how much you love your pets.

According to PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity, there are many factors of emergency health problems in pets, including an unhealthy diet, the constant access to fresh water, and the lack of exercise. Apart from visible symptoms, owners can check if their pets are in a good condition by looking at their size. Pets should be the correct weight—not too fat or too thin!

It is suggested that owners let their animals behave in ways that are natural to them, so a suitable environment is important.

Above are some tips that help you take good care of your cats and dogs. Hopefully, they can help you minimize the chance of putting your pets in unwanted situations like taking to the vet.

#1 How could anyone not know cats purr!! And what do they sound like?

Source: ai_valentin

#2 “It’s not the cat’s fault if you overfeed

Source: easykidmp3

#3 I lost it at “pyuck hewk”

Source: prettybaddie27

#4 Oh, wow. I wonder how the vets know these things. Seems oddly specific

Source: PaladinAmber

#5 Dock, dock go

Source: emilygmonster

#6 Smartass!

Source: ByRobinEpley

#7 Look at his little faaaaaaaace

Source: fionafraser

#8 Awwww

Source: vanessa_young56

#9 It is really important to play with your cats regularly

Source: sofapflanze1


Source: Twitter 

#11 This seems like a genuine emergency

Source: cr0mbling

#12 Well, not a little poot apparently

Source: awkwardsince86

#13 How cute!!

Source: TheTinaVasquez

#14 This is so cat

Source: cornmaes

#15 I can’t stop laughing

Source: eeveeluti0n

#16 Your cat is a drama queen.

Source: kateiwall

#17 Wish my dog would hold in her farts!

Source: skeletonman20

#18 Me too

Source: mysta42

#19 This is not ridiculous… this is scary!

Source: Alexandra_JFG

#20 Look at that smug face!

Source: tinytelephones

#21 Ma! I’m taking a leak!

Source: jbaggs

#22 Well at least there was no charge

Source: stinapag

#23 “Love your suit.”

Source: heidi_mariee

#24 That’s something very important to know

Source: ItsKatBiscuits

#25 Better safe than sorry…

Source: chmoneyb

#26 “Lady, your dog has cat behavior syndrome.”

Source: _parasocial

#27 How do I respond to this????

Source: c_e_l_i_ne

#28 The cat looks like it knows it too

Source: amandakstorey

#29 Greg Focker : “Oh, you can milk just about anything with nipples”

Source: robynehrlich

#30 Gummy dog

Source: observedbriefly

#31 Gummy dog

Source: Dragonette90

#32 Can’t blame it. That’s a gross smell

Source: ArinTX/

#33 Who paid the $600 then? Do not keep us in suspense!

Source: McJesse

#34 He’s so cute!

Source: Deangeville

#35 Snoop doggy dog!!

Source: alicesauras

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