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20+ Tweets And Pics That Prove Living With A Cat Is Full Of Joy And Struggles

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that living with them comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Our feline friends are known for being aloof, independent, mischievous, and moody. But in some cases, they feel love quite strongly for their owners and other companions. They do not give out affection as easily as dogs, so when you get affection and love from your cat, it might feel like a victory.

Caring for a cat requires a ton of time, energy, space, and money, but it can bring happiness, unconditional love, and companionship to your life. Having a feline friend can also help to reduce stress and improve your mental and physical health.

Here are some funny cat tweets and pictures that show the ups and downs of cat ownership. If you want to know all the joys and struggles of owning a cat, take a look at them.


Source: video_jame/Twitter

For people who don’t want a lot of fuss but still want a companion, cats could be the best choice. Shower your kitty with love, and soon you will realize that cats are great pets and are ideal companions.


Source: francesformayor/Twitter


Source: simonsinek/Twitter

#4 “He is 100% NOT sorry.”

Source: SenoritaBongarita/Reddit

“Such beautiful eyes. Eyes that say “Not only am I not sorry but I’ll do it again, human.” foxandrews


Source: PaladinAmber/Twitter


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Source: ProZD/Twitter

#8 “My cat regretting her choice to go outside in the rain.”

Source: YayImmaLlamaAgain/Reddit

“This really made me laugh. The expression is priceless. Kinda like kids, gotta let them make their mistakes on their own. Like the time my daughter decided she just HAD TO wear shorts and a T-shirt to preschool in winter. Only happened once.” payitforward12


Source: leftarmisme/Twitter


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Source: silkyjumbo/Twitter

#12 “I was never much of a cat person. Until my wife brought this weirdo home.”

Source: BangaRang92/Reddit

“Those big eyes, can’t help but laugh.” frequentlymeows


Source: NickaylaRivera/Twitter


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Source: FrankthePegasus/Twitter

#16 “I guess I won’t grow a garden this year…”

Source: JNida330/Reddit

“This bed sucks. No I will not move.” Squirrelsindisguise


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Source: innesmck/Twitter

#20 “After almost 50 years of being a cat owner, I guess I should be used to this…”

Source: lbeau310/Reddit

“After almost 50 years own being owned by cats…”  CRO553R


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Source: leah_rosenbaum/Twitter

#25 “I hope to find a love as deep and as pure as the love my husband has for our cat.”

Source: bonechompsky/Reddit

“Well, you could be a little less appreciative.” stlmick


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Source: g**hatesfabs/Twitter

Are you a cat owner? What’s the funniest or the craziest thing your feline friends have done and surprised you? Feel free to share your funny cat stories and their pics with us in the comments!