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20 Hilarious Tweets That Show How Great Life Is When Living With A Pet

If you’re a proud owner of a pet, you know clearly how miserable your life would be without them. No wonder research has shown time and again that living with a pet is wonderful and happy. Not only do our pets bring happiness and unconditional love to our lives, but they also provide us with comfort and boost our spirit when we need it the most. After all, they aren’t only adorable but also endlessly entertaining.

Sadly not all of us are lucky enough to have pets, but don’t worry we are here for you. We collected some of the funniest and most relatable tweets people shared about their pets that you don’t want to miss. These tweets will give you a glimpse into the world of pets and their owners. Scroll down to enjoy! Choose your favorite and tell us if you recognized yourself in them.


Source: IDontSpeakWhine / Тwitter


Source: MarielAshlinn / Тwitter

“I found a smaller and softer alternative to the cone my cat has to wear after chewing all the fur off his arms from stress, and you deserve to see it.”


Source: Ok_lahoma / Тwitter


Source: breadxbrujeria / Тwitter

“My dog is truly obsessed with me. He just likes to follow me everywhere and stare.”


Source: jlulix / Тwitter


Source: memesiwish / Тwitter

“No wonder my laundry keeps ending up on the floor.”


Source: ihavenotiddies / Тwitter

“How can I be mad at my dog? He left me a heart.”


Source: citizenkawala / Тwitter


Source: thesnackpak / Тwitter

“I had to go out to do some shopping. I came home to find Syd pulled my jeans into his cat bed to snuggle into like he does when I am home. Too cute.”


Source: chertovka00 / Тwitter


Source: eliterenno

“Yup! That’s a cat alright, I had 5 of ‘m in the 90’s and each with a different character, one was called: Rascal. Very appropriate name for this male calico cat.”

#12 This could have been an e-mail

Source: twcuddleston

#13 Cat. How the hell did this happen?

Source: theproestdwarf

#14 More the cone of silence.

Source: memesiwish

#15 That’s a copycat

Source: kimothysteele


Source: Emmasmith77xx


Source: wedoreally

#18 Your dog is much better looking than Will Ferrell.

Source: thomasthesquare

#19 Do you manage to resist for the whole meal?

Source: svershbow


Source: Milkjelly5

Do you live with a pet? What cute habits does he or she have? Feel free to tell us and share his or her photos with us in the comments below!

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