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22 Smart Parents Who Have Zero Problems With Parenting

It comes as no surprise that parenting is one of the most difficult tasks in our life. Consider that. Just because you’re doing just fine with your loved one, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have no problem if you have a kid. Firstly, taking care of a baby is by all means different from taking care of an adult. You cannot talk to them, and they don’t understand your words. You cannot tell them to sleep, eat, or stop crying at least until they are 2yo. What would you do when having a conversation is not an option?

Well, think about that. A baby doesn’t do much, but it’ll take parents a considerable amount of time and energy to take care of them. Well, it’s simple. You only need to feed your baby every two hours and change diapers about three times a day. Sleep deprivation is something that all parents will experience once their baby comes into this world. And good news, it’ll last for about half a year only. So don’t be too worried about that.

Still, some parents seem to have absolutely no problem with parenting. For these people, parenting is nothing more than a task they do every day at home, just like their job at work. If you have been struggling a lot with it, we have come up with a perfect solution for you! Down in the list below, 22 smart parents shared their tips to be good at parenting with the least effort. There are shortcuts to doing everything, and because parenting is also a task, it’s no exception. Now, let’s scroll down to learn this ultimate parenting lesson we have prepared for you!

#1 She’s definitely the cool mom…

Source: MyMomologue / Twitter

#2 She is winning at life!

Source: Emilio0215 / Pikabu

#3 Parents need entertainment too!

Source: mrdvoscience / Twitter© supagirl / Imgur

#4 Playtime at home

Source: supagirl / Imgur

#5 Lifehack!

Source: AnnieMcCarren / Twitter

#6 Mom deserves a break too

Source: IHateMTV / Imgur

#7 At least this father believes in equality!

Source: ArchieLawson1 / Twitter

#8 That’s a bit morbid

Source: goodatbeinggood / Reddit

#9 As long as they stay in the cage

Source: Lena100176aaa / Pikabu

#10 They don’t REALLY need to know…

Source: XplodingUnicorn / Twitter

#11 Discipline in the modern world

Source: LadyRed_6 / Twitter

#12 Wait a minute… what the hell is that!?

Source: talin401 / Imgur

#13 A quick way to destroy your kid’s faith…

Source: Sulde / Reddit

#14 Keep ’em distracted

Source: daddydoinwork / Twitter

#15 Constant disappointment

Source: SimonRusbridge / Twitter

#16 Safety first!

Source: unknown / Imgur

No parent can hold their baby all day. However, it’s risky to put down your baby while doing other stuff, they can hurt themselves within seconds. So, look at this dad. He’s living the best days of his life taking care of his baby. Just strap down your baby on a chair with your tank top and you’re okay to go make your coffee. Works every time.

#17 Efficiency at its finest

Source: Imgur

It takes real talents for a parent to do this. Keeping the baby still and holding a bottle with a bunch of BANANAS?! That’s a freaking bunch of bananas! Parents, take note!

#18 Kids will believe anything

Source: beefandnargil / Twitter

#19 Well-deserved punishment

Source: shannenmiralles / Twitter

This woman tried a piece of her father’s cake but then things escalated quickly and she couldn’t stop eating. In return, her father locked the fridge so she could never get her hands on his food again. Poor daughter was furious. LOL

#20 The new baby carrier 5000

Source: MironoffMD / Pikabu

#21 Doing it for their health OBVS

Source: HerfordRita / Twitter

#22 The best way to make them eat their greens!

Source: daddilife

With your child growing up with time, other issues are awaiting you in the future. So, parents should always be prepared. To teach your children, you need to learn and improve yourself first. Parenting is not easy. But with the help from others, we believe you’ll see a solution for whatever issue you’re having right now. Keep up your good work!

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