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Bill Gates Asks Everyone To Send Questions To Him And Here’re 29 Of The Most Unexpected Answers

Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder is the world’s fourth-richest person. His work with Microsoft has profoundly impacted the technological and business landscape of the last 40 years and his humanitarian work with the Gates Foundation has improved people’s health and lifted them out of hunger and poverty. His wealth doesn’t spoil him. He is so friendly and humble.

Recently, Bill Gates stopped by Reddit to do his 10th “Ask Me Anything” interview and he is open to answering any questions. His questions cover a variety of topics such as climate change, pandemics, Bitcoin, and even his relationship with the notorious financier Jeffrey Epstein. He is not surprised or confused at any questions, it seems that he cares about all issues in the world.

Keep scrolling down to see the most interesting questions and answers and let us know what you would ask him.

#1 “Bitcoin all seems like pie in the sky to me”

Source: btccbt

This question is exactly what many people were wondering about. Some people consider bitcoin “pie in the sky”, and some think that it’s cheaper, and faster than regular banks.

#2 “Based Gates”

Source: Masek_Kiel

A Reddit user joked that the number of chips implanted with the vaccine was the reason for the worldwide chip shortage.


#3 “His philanthropic endeavors are top-notch”

Source: MoonPrincess313

This question made many smiles. They think that each individual can’t depend on the largess of people who have more money than they could spend in a lifetime.

#4 “Love how it’s something selfless that brings him most joy”

Source: BZ852

It turns out that Bill Gates is just a normal person, he also loves burgers so much.

#5 “Awful question, good answer”

Source: Zestyclose-Result-87

Although it is a stupid question, Gates’ answer is perfect.

#6 “This learning should be affordable for all”

Source: Zestyclose-Result-87

His advice is so great. Youngsters should focus on their goals and try the best.

#7 “A high estate tax”

Source: najing_ftw

This isn’t precisely true, but some people think it is right in other side.

#8 “Everyone’s cell phone already does that! Get vaccinated!”

Source: GenericTwet

This relates to the most threatening pandemic out there, which may be even Bill Gates can’t solve – the pandemic of stupidity.

#9 “Except this is way more complicated: What cause malnutrition?”

Source: GenericTwet

His expectation is everyone’s wish.

#10 “Eventually bad information takes care of those who believe it”

Source: Theredwalker666

People are misinformed and stupid and that is why fake news is so harmful and “popular”. Focusing on educating people is necessary.

#11 “That chair jump he did back then was impressive”

Source: enchiladachode

It is so funny when many people want to play with Bill Gates.

#12 “Too many people with “don’t wanna” condition”

Source: FieryPhoenix7

A user comments that Australia’s success was due to the state governments’ efforts. The federal government did nothing.

#13 “Renewables are the future, but modern nuclear should be the bridge that gets us there”

Source: Better_Friend1157

Source: Better_Friend1157

Renewables are the future, but advanced nuclear energy should be the bridge that gets us there.

#14 “I like how he responds to everyone, even if they’re being rude”

Source: level 1 Turbulent_Ad_8690

Bill Gates respectfully answers everyone’s questions even if they’re silly.

#15 “This question reads like a plant to steer the AMA”

Source: aimforsilence

His answer is basically “buy different products” but many people think it should be “stop buying products”.

#16 “Imagine Bill Gates with an iPhone”

Source: bwagnon713

When receiving his answer, many imagine him with an iPhone.

#17 Think of vaccines like sunscreen

Source: sirzoop

Source: sirzoop

Everyone can consider vaccines as sunscreen. Without it, your odds of getting sunburn and eventual skin cancer are much higher.

#18 “The work you’ve done in water purification is mind-blowing. Great stuff.”

Source: AstridPeth_

Source: AstridPeth_

Bill Gates has worked with some organizations to provide people in need with quality healthcare services.

#19 “God blessed us with animals for food”

Source: quick20minadventure

Bill Gates is absolutely right about this, particularly regarding cement. It is a horrific contributor to climate change and pollution. One of the worst things in the world.

#20 “Thank god he included some fiction”

Source: quick20minadventure

Bill Gates loves reading fiction books.

#21 “This is a man who cares about humankind”

Source: vaccine-jihad 

Some Reddit users suggest that Bill Gates should mention Vietnam,  India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

#22 “Making a Microsoft Land to compete with Disney”

Source: Jattwell

When seeing his answer, some people would like to ask him why the land he purchased is mostly dry deserts.

#23 “Nuclear fusion will be the world’s energy provider within 20 years”

Source: tim0k

For the sake of the planet, that vilifying nuclear power should end. We should also find a way how to turn, at least some of, the nuclear waste into something useful.

#24 Hooray for good teams”

Source: kurzsadie

Bill Gates is grateful for his team for their support.

#25 “It can be a major factor in combatting climate change.”

Source: EfficientBug6401

Climate change scientists can consult with Gates’ idea.

#26 “It’s actually really hard to give away vaccines right now”

Source: level 1 Luddevig

Plenty of developing nations have the capacity to produce the vaccines themselves while others don’t.

#27 “Stunning common sense”

Source: chaitanyarahalkar

It seems that Bill Gates cares about all the issues in the world.

#28 “Everything is ethical in the US”

Source: the_uncle_satan

Preventing mutation is completely impossible, you cannot stop evolution. The only way to prevent mutation is to infinity gauntlet snap all the viruses out of existence.

#29 “Is he a politician, right?”

Source: mysticcircuits

He sounds like a politician in this “answer.”