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Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Most of us in the 1990s didn’t have many choices other than to watch whatever was on television. There were many amazing animated shows in the 1990s, and here are Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time.

Cartoons, like a lot of other media from the 1990s, relied extensively on racism and sexism for comedy, but there were plenty of funny, sympathetic, and memorable characters. As many series from this era are still popular today, some of the characters have only grown in popularity, while others have faded into obscurity.

We’re including American TV cartoon characters who ran for at least a few years during the 1990s on this list. Revisiting them not only gives us nostalgic vibes of the beautiful era that has gone by in no time, but it also brings back many special memories from our different childhoods.

Here are the best ’90s cartoon characters. Let’s scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Susie Carmichael

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time
Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Source: Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via youtube.com

Susanna Yvonne “Susie” Carmichael is a recurring character in the Nickelodeon TV series “Rugrats” and its spin-off series “All Grown Up!”.

Susie is the child of an overachieving mother (a French chef, airline pilot, and doctor) and a cartoon-writing father. Susie’s energetic, optimistic, and stands for what’s right.

#2 Dexter

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All TimeSource: Cartoon Network Studios

Dexter is the main character and protagonist of “Dexter’s Laboratory.” He’s a young genius with a hidden laboratory. He is the family’s brain and one of the world’s finest inventors, having built numerous strange and extraordinary technologies and experiments. Every day, he is working on new inventions and creations.

#3 SpongeBob SquarePants

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All TimeSource: Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via youtube.com

SpongeBob SquarePants is the main protagonist of the Nicktoons series of the same name. SpongeBob is a happy-go-lucky sea sponge who is energetic, clueless, juvenile, and prone to accidents. Despite how he is portrayed, he is intelligent and knows what is right.

#4 Tommy Pickles

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All TimeSource: Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via youtube.com

In both “Rugrats” and “All Grown Up!”, Thomas “Tommy” Pickles is the main character. He is a brave young boy who frequently embarks on fantasy adventures with his buddies, Chuckie, Kimi, and the Phil and Lil twins. He is constantly willing to defend his friends against bullies.

#5 Balto

Source: Amblimation / Via youtube.com

Balto is a minor character in the 2019 film “Togo” and the titular main protagonist of the “Balto” trilogy. Balto is strong and outgoing, intelligent and reliable, and sincerely concerned about others, willing to sacrifice his own life to help others.

#6 Homer Simpson

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All TimeSource: 20th Television Animation / Via youtube.com

Homer Jay Simpson is the father of the Simpson family and one of the primary characters in the “The Simpsons” franchise.

He is a chubby, lazy, and ignorant man who loves his wife and children. Despite his weaknesses and low IQ, he has displayed moments of amazing talent and intelligence, as well as being a caring parent and husband.

#7 Arnold Shortman

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All TimeSource: Nicktoons Productions / Via youtube.com

Arnold Phillip Shortman is the titular main protagonist of the Nickelodeon animated television series “Hey Arnold!”. Arnold is a calm, polite, kind, cheerful, and intelligent boy who always finds the best in people, no matter how rude, outrageous, or cunning they may be. Although he is normally a calm child, he has his limits and can get irritated if pushed too far.

#8 Cat and Dog

Source: Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via youtube.com

The protagonists of “CatDog” are a cat and a dog. Cat is the more intelligent, astute, and tricky of the two. He frequently devises wicked ways to persuade the dog into giving him what he desires. He is the most defensive and short-tempered of the two, and despite his quirks and squabbles with Doggy, he loves his younger brother.

Dog is the more cheerful and reflective of the two. He’s also clumsy. The dog is a faithful dog who is easily persuaded. He’ll believe anything you tell him. He has a limited attention span and is frequently distracted by balls, garbage trucks, bones, food, dragonflies, and his vivid imagination. The dog is generally the one who gets the couple into difficulties because of his faulty mind.

#9 Daria Morgendorffer

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time
Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Source: MTV Animation / Via youtube.com

Daria Morgendorffer is the deuteragonist of MTV’s animated series “Beavis and Butthead” and the titular main protagonist of its spin-off “Daria.” Daria is cynical, sarcastic, quick-witted, and somewhat unsocial. She spends all of her spare time either reading, watching “Sick Sad World,” or commenting on other people’s stupidity with her friend, Jane.

#10 Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup

Source: Cartoon Network Studios / Via youtube.com

Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup are a trio of artificially made superhuman kindergartners created by Professor Utonium. They are the title characters of the Cartoon Network series “The Powerpuff Girls”.

Blossom is the most mature, level-headed, and composed member of The Powerpuff Girls, as well as the group’s self-proclaimed leader. She can be picky, bossy, vain, and overly analytical at times. Bubbles, although being ditzy, innocent, and sensitive, has a tendency to be overemotional, which has led to her being viewed as the group’s weakest link by both friends and opponents. She is prone to crying. She can, however, become extremely self-reliant and confrontational. Buttercup is the toughest member of the group, and she is easily furious. Her anger might often get the best of her, leading to her becoming rash and stubborn. She does, however, have enough self-control not to go “overboard” on innocent citizens as Bubbles did, no matter how little the offense.

#11 D.W. Read

Source: 9 Story Media Group / Via youtube.com

Dora Winifred “D.W.” Read is Arthur’s 4-5-year-old sister, Baby Kate’s older sister, and the family’s middle child in the series “Arthur.” D.W. is mischievous, dramatic, bossy, and throws tantrums easily. She is usually a greedy brat who enjoys bothering and blaming her older brother Arthur for things he did not do, but she still loves him and has worked with him in the past to aid her family. For unknown reasons, she dislikes her full name, “Dora Winifred Read,” and prefers to be addressed as “D.W.”

#12 Anastasia

Source: Twentieth Century Fox / Via youtube.com

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolayevna Romanov, nicknamed “Anya,” is the main protagonist and titular character of the 1997 Don Bluth feature film of the same name. She is the only member of the Romanov family to survive the Bolshevik assassination during the Russian Revolution. Before the Russian Revolution, Anastasia was a happy, active child. She is virtually completely unaware of who she is at the age of 18, yet she tries to have fun while she searches for answers. When she speaks to Dimitri, she is witty and leaves him speechless on several occasions. Anastasia is a powerful, if sardonic, and loyal young lady.

#13 Beetlejuice

Source: Geffen Film Company / Via youtube.com

Betelgeuse, also known as Beetlejuice, is the titular main antagonist of the 1988 live-action film and the titular protagonist of the animated cartoon of the same name. He is the main antagonist of the film but has a more heroic role in the cartoon as the main protagonist.

Beetlejuice’s pranks appear to bring significant shame or damage to many people, but for Lydia, his pranks are simply done to tease her, not to harm her, demonstrating that he cares for her. Lydia appears to be the only one who can manage Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice is also continually trying to devise get-rich-quick schemes to gain money because he dislikes having to work.

#14 Johnny Bravo

Source: Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via youtube.com

Johnny Bravo is the titular main protagonist of the Cartoon Network animated series of the same name.

Johnny is a dimwitted, ill-mannered, and inconsiderate beefcake, hence his moniker “Dumb Blonde.” He is constantly attempting to attract the attention of a random woman, but the women are frequently offended by his disrespect for their personal space and his arrogant manner. He is usually a bully and an arrogant jerk, but regardless of the situation, he intends to accomplish good things.

#15 The Joker

Source: DC Comics

The Joker was a supervillain and Batman’s archenemy in “Batman: The Animated Series”. With an unknown past, sadism, and a pronounced sense of unpredictability, the Joker suddenly became Gotham City’s most notorious criminal, bent on tormenting Batman and Robin and killing as many people as he could out of pure glee.

#16 Ord

Source: Children’s Television Workshop / Via youtube.com

Ord is the main character in the animated television show “Dragon Tales.” Ord is enormous. As a result, he is extremely powerful and can lift stuff that the other characters cannot. Despite his enormous power, he is exceptionally gentle.

He is frequently shown to enjoy food, especially dragon berries and anything cooked with them.

When he is afraid, he becomes invisible and withdraws from his pals. He’ll reappear after he’s gained more confidence.

#17 Gerald Johanssen

Source: Nicktoons Productions / Via youtube.com

Gerald Martin Johanssen is the deuteragonist of the Nickelodeon animated television series “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” and the tritagonist of the 2017 TV film “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie”. Gerald is Arnold’s opposite in almost every sense. While Arnold is patient and idealistic, Gerald is more realistic and tells it like it is. Gerald is far more street-savvy and laidback than his best pal. Gerald is a reliable and stable buddy, despite being selfish at times.

#18 Olie

Source: CBC

Olie Polie is the main titular protagonist of “William Joyce’s Rolie Polie Olie”. Olie is a young robot and the eldest child of the Polie family, who loves going on adventures, which serve as devices for Olie’s lessons on how to live a life growing up, all the way to adulthood. Sometimes, he uses his imagination to go on adventures.

#19 Doug Funnie

Source: Jumbo Pictures

Douglas Yancey “Doug” Doug is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon-turned-Disney series, and the Disney film based on the latter, “Doug’s 1st Movie”. Doug is a typical child who appears shy and insecure most of the time but is a wonderful person at heart who, despite his many failures, always wants to do the right thing. He can be foolish and naive at times, and he is afraid of being labeled a loser. He’s a good guy.

#20 Sailor Moon

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All TimeSource: Toei Agency

Sailor Moon is the titular main protagonist of the manga and anime series of the same name. Her real name is Usagi Tsukino. She can fly and has other magic powers.

Usagi was a bit selfish in the original anime and could be a drama queen. She was a lazy person who disliked going to school. She wasn’t just bad at cooking, as the series repeatedly showed.

Despite her unpredictable and childish behavior, she showed a strong affection for her friends and family.

#21 T.J. Detweiler

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time
Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Source: Disney Television Animation

Theodore Jasper Detweiler, popularly known by his initials “T.J.”, is the main protagonist of the Recess television series and, in particular, the theatrical picture “Recess: School’s Out.” T.J. is the show’s leader and has been close friends with the main six characters since kindergarten. He’s outgoing, kind, and sociable, and he takes pleasure in having a good time. He’s also utterly dumb, getting only 10% on a test once. He’s a genius on the playground, despite being a little ditzy, ignorant, and sluggish.

#22 Belle

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time
Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Source: Walt Disney Pictures

Belle is the female protagonist of the “Beauty and the Beast” franchise. Due to her love of literature, Belle has developed a strong vocabulary, an active imagination, and an open mind over the years. She is a strong and vocal woman who dislikes being told what to do. Despite this, she has a small number of close friends. Her wit and free-thinking attitude set her apart from the rest of the community, who think she’s a touch strange despite her beauty.

#23 Jack Skellington

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All TimeSource: Touchstone Pictures

In the 1993 animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Jack Skellington plays the main character. He’s usually cheerful and friendly, and his charm is enough to persuade everyone in Halloween Town except Sally. Because of his selfish decisions, Christmas and himself are on the verge of extinction. Jack’s character is illustrated by his willingness to correct his errors.

#24 Fievel Mousekewitz

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All TimeSource: Universal Pictures

Fievel Mousekewitz (Russian: авел кеви, Fayvel Myshkevits) is the primary character in the “An American Tail” series of films. Fievel was brave but, like most young boys, perhaps a touch rash—he believed in standing up for himself and others but did not always consider things through. He may get into problems because he would frequently try to take on enemies much larger and stronger than himself, but it also distinguished him from the stereotypical mouse, who is a frightening creature.

#25 Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time
Top 25 Best 90s Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Source: Murakami Wolf Swenson / Via youtube.com

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is an American media franchise created by the comic book authors Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. It follows LeonardoRaphaelDonatello, and Michelangelo, four anthropomorphic turtle brothers trained in ninjutsu who fight evil in New York City.

Donatello is portrayed as the group’s genius, who has a habit of confounding his siblings with his overly-detailed scientific findings and reasoning. Raphael, who wears a red bandanna and wields two sai in battle, is the most rebellious and hot-tempered member of the group. In most cases, he is the group’s muscle. Leonardo is the Turtles’ eldest brother, and he has a unique bond with Karai, the Shredder’s cousin. Michelangelo is the youngest of the bunch and is named after Michelangelo Buonarroti. He is shown to be more fun-loving than his brothers.

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