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Karen Threatened To Call The Cops On Strange Man Because He Fed Whipped Cream To His Dog

When you witness a crime like a robbery, an assault, or another type of criminal behavior, the best solution is to contact the police. Obviously, any threat that a person takes seriously should be reported. But in some cases, people threaten to call the police because of dumb and unnecessary reasons. We had a crazy nut-case here. This woman tent to call the cops when she saw a strange man feeding whipped cream to his dog. Scroll down to know the details!

The man going by u/hedgybaby took to the subreddit r/dog to share the silly situation he met when he was on holiday with his dog. He let his dog lick some whipped cream on his finger when a woman scoffed at his action and said, “you should be ashamed of yourself.”

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“I‘m on holiday with my dog and ordered dessert, which came with some whipped cream on top. I got some on my finger, so I let her lick it off because she loves that. I want to again clarify, it was a FINGERTIP covered in whipped cream,” he shared.

“I heard the woman on the table next to me scoff and say something like ‚you should be ashamed of yourself. I honestly didn‘t know what she meant or that she was even talking to me at first. Since I didn‘t react, I assume she felt upset and literally got up to yell at me. She spoke french (I‘m in France) and I‘m not that fluent so I didn‘t understand everything but basically she said things like that I was killing my dog or that I was what is wrong with modern dog owners.”

The woman yelled at him and said many things, but he just ignored her. He thought that he didn’t need to fuel that negativity and argue with her. A waiter came to calm her down, but she threatened to call the police. He then gave his dog another bit of whipped cream to provoke her.

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He wrote, “My mom‘s a Karen, so I‘m pretty experienced in handling them and just ignored her, no need to fuel that negaitivity. A waiter came to check wtf was happening because again, she is screaming at me. He asked her to sit down, which is when she threatened to call the cops. I honestly didn‘t even react at this point and, because I love provoking stupid people, gave my dog another bit of whipped cream. Her face was indescribable, I‘ll savor this moment for a long time.”

Thankfully, nothing happened and she just sat down again. But as the woman left, she still tried to say that the man would be sad when his dog died.

After reading the post, Reddit quickly responded. Most of them pointed out the woman was overrated and felt sorry for the man because he had to receive her rage.

“Ah man, imagine living with such temper that a small thing like that will send you flying off the handle. Poor woman. Sorry that you had to be the one who set her off that day and got to be on the receiving end of her rage. I hope it didn’t spoil your outing too much,” one person commented.

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Another said, “Petty me LOVED the part where you gave your dog another bit of whipping cream. I would’ve dipped my middle finger in the whip cream and strategically aimed it at French Karen while the pup licked it off.”

A Redditor called walkstwomoons2 said, “Life is short, why diet? I do love provoking people. In fact I love whipping people into a frenzy. The woman sounds like she went off the deep end on you. You did the right thing. Give that dog another finger of whip cream. Next time order the dog his own pup cup of cream.”

“I…what? People literally go that far to be awful to others? I pity that poor woman.”

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