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People Share Their Failure To Learn Basic Things In Life In This Hilarious Thread

Can’t wait to go out and live your independent life? So, what have you got to do everything on your own? Do you know how to cook? And how about cleaning, fixing things? You also need a job to earn a living. Well, that’s not even a part of things you have to know when you move out. For example, you’d be surprised to see the price of simple things like detergent or decorative cushions. Or you may never imagine that a tiny 1mx1m rug can cost that much.

Well, even with 18 years of constantly learning from school back to home, the knowledge you have seems to be inadequate. And yes, it is. You may be proud to tell others that you know how to change tires, as you spend a lot of time with your dad. Still, you don’t know what to do when the pipe under the sink suddenly breaks. Well, naturally, no one can say that they know everything. Even the most intelligent people have something they have completely no clue about.

#1 How can people do it without even looking at it?

Source: epicciuto

It may sound strange, but in reality, people are likely to fail at simple tasks rather than more difficult ones. There’s a case when a person, who has two doctoral degrees, doesn’t know that they cannot put a metal spoon inside the microwave. The result is quite sparky, as you expect. Basic things in life seem to be not really basic to some people. Just like common senses are varied depending on where you’re living, people sometimes fail at the unimaginable.

When someone started the thread about what simple thing in life gives them a difficult time, people came vibing in and shared their hilarious drawbacks. Don’t be ashamed. We’re humans, we ain’t perfect. Keep reading as things are going to be more interesting.

#2 How much is wayyyy too much?

Source: nrajapakseMD

#3 The concept of time is difficult

Source: SquirrelBalls2

#4 Just can’t remember which end is which

Source: jimshorts93

Fairly to say, deciding which end is which is difficult and also risky. There’s a 50% chance that you’ll choose wrong and have to do it over. So, even though it sounds a bit silly, checking both ends before installing the batteries seems like the best choice. No one will judge you…perhaps…

#5 Wrong for the right

Source: KeniLF

#6 Goldfish memory

Source: JimLadd2

#7 *plays music in mind*

Source: snapgraclepop

#8 This person has a dinosaur’s hands

Source: ElSKuhn

#9 Wait, so how did this person get a driving license?

Source: Gayer_Than_Thou

#10 No, water will flood my nose

Source: emilyfiles

#11 Some skills are just impossible to acquire

Source: angieptaylor

#12 I can feel you, dude!

Source: DragonflyJonez

Quick research shows that there is a slew of styles to tie your shoelaces, yet not all are practically doable. Okay, I admit that I do not excel in playing with strings or anything so I’ll just go with the traditional, brain-dead two bunny ears. Other styles look so fascinating but I just can’t.

#13 So if a person doesn’t ride a bicycle for a long time then they will forget how to do it?

Source: Reedbeta

#14 Is there something missing?

Source: JennMeanIt

#15 Too much ‘Final Destination?’

Source: cystic4real

#16 This person is probably living in a different time and space

Source: Marcia_ESS

#17 How can’t you?!

Source: AShihipar

#18 R-r-r-ual?!

Source: JinxieB73

#19 Hypnotised…

Source: iSmashFizzle

#20 I can’t do it either. Howww?!

Source: DarthJaeda

So, do you have something or skill that you find impossible to do? Don’t be shy. Share with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear your story. If you enjoy this post, don’t forget to share it via your social media outlets. And also, be sure to follow our page for more interesting content like this. Have a good day!

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