12 Heroes Who Pass Their Treasures On To Their Successors

It's always a fascinating phenomenon when movies have sequels years, if not decades, later. Filmmakers must discover methods for the characters to have evolved meaningfully throughout this time. One popular way is to transform the heroes into mentors. Characters crucial to the story the last time around now play a different role, assisting a new, younger individual through a difficult situation.
The strategy makes sense since it permits the original hero to pass on all they learned the first time around. All of the personalities that follow have leaped mentorship. They found themselves in situations where someone else required their help, knowledge, and expertise in their respective sequels. As a result, audience members saw them in a new way.

12 heroes who pass their treasures on to their successors

1. LT Pete

Treasures On To Their Successors, LT PeteSource: Marvel Studio

Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Tom Cruise) from Top Gun is a hotshot Navy pilot. While his higher officers advise caution and underscore the importance of following the regulations, Maverick enjoys pushing the boundaries. He believes that he can get away with his defiance as long as he accomplishes the mission's goal.
When a Navy ship inadvertently enters unfriendly seas, requiring a rescue operation, the same drive to defy tradition is proper. With his scary talent in the air, Maverick shoots down three adversary MiGs and scares others away. He comes to the rescue.

2. Rocky Balboa

Treasures On To Their Successors, Rocky BalboaSource: Marvel Studio

When Rocky was released in 1976, Sylvester Stallone instantly became a household star. He portrays Rocky Balboa, a debt collector and aspiring boxer from Philadelphia. He works his way through the ranks under trainer Mickey Goldmill.
Rocky is so successful that he is allowed to challenge Apollo Creed for the world heavyweight title. He doesn't win, but he also doesn't lose. In any case, that proves to be a significant victory for him to be declared a winner.

3. Eddie Felson

Treasures On To Their Successors, Eddie FelsonSource: Marvel Studio

In 1961's The Hustler, Paul Newman played "Fast" Eddie Felson, one of his many iconic performances. He's a part-time pool hustler hoping to make it big in the high-stakes world of billiards. His grand objective is to take on Minnesota Fats, perhaps the finest player in the country. Eddie loses, but he is unfazed, and he vows to win in a rematch.

4. Tony Stark

Treasures On To Their Successors, Tony StarkSource: Marvel Studio

The Follow-Up (Mentor): Stark is a supporting character rather than a heroic protagonist in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but that's for the best. Peter Parker is taught how to become an Avenger by him. He also gives young Peter some Spider-Man technology, which is vital.
The thought of becoming a member of the Avengers is both exciting and scary, so Stark appears regularly to offer counsel and support. He prepares his protégé to join the world's top superhero team, even providing tough love when necessary.
In the role of an experienced mentor passing on his wisdom to someone much greener in the saving-the-world area, star Robert Downey Jr. nails it.

5. Mr. Spock

Treasures On To Their Successors, Mr. SpockSource: Marvel Studio

Mr. Spock, who had been notably portrayed by Leonard Nimoy on television and in cinema for decades, was taken over by Zachary Quinto in the 2009 Star Trek reboot. The film shows Spock's first encounter with Captain James T. Kirk, in which he argues with him.
Their friendship improves drastically after teaming forces to confront a band of Romulans intent on wiping out many worlds as retaliation for a perceived wrong. Spock's unwavering sense of reasoning is crucial in safeguarding innocent lives throughout the cosmos.

6. Sheriff Woody

Treasures On To Their Successors, Sheriff WoodySource: Marvel Studio

Woody is a lot more self-assured in Toy Story 4. When Bonnie, the new owner, makes a handcrafted toy in kindergarten, he teaches "Forky" how to adjust to life as a toy. Later, he tutors Gabby Gabby, a doll who has never had an owner and now resides on an antique store shelf.
She gains the confidence to explore the world and ultimately find a youngster who will adore her under his kind direction. Woody offers the wisdom he gained in the first three Toy Story films to these two new characters.

7. Rick Deckard

Treasures On To Their Successors, Rick DeckardSource: Marvel Studio

In Blade Runner 2049, which stars Ryan Gosling as "K," the character appears late. He's also on the lookout for a lethal replicant. The investigation finally leads him to Las Vegas, where he discovers Deckard has been exiled for the most part. Deckard becomes entangled in K's case, which connects to his history.
Deckard is cast as a seasoned replicant hunter in Blade Runner 2049, one who is tired and worn-out but still has the knowledge and abilities needed to assist K in fulfilling his job.

8. Kevin Flynn

Treasures On To Their Successors, Kevin FlynnSource: Marvel Studio

Kevin vanished following the previous film's events, which we discover at the start of Tron: Legacy. Sam, his son, is also drawn into the game, and he and his father have an unpleasant reunion. Clu, a computer entity, has seized control of the Earth and is working to eradicate any perceived flaws.
Sam can only return to the outside world if he defeats Clu, so Kevin, who has spent years working inside the system, assists him in carrying out a plan to eliminate Clu once and for all. Kevin sacrifices himself, as is typically the case when the hero becomes the mentor, so Sam has a better chance of succeeding.

9. Luke Skywalker

Treasures On To Their Successors, Luke SkywalkerSource: Marvel Studio

Daisy Ridley's Rey is shown in The Last Jedi seeking the long-missing Luke in a secluded place. She offers him his lightsaber, which he immediately chucks over his shoulder. He eventually warms up and begins teaching Rey how to utilize the Force.
Through it, the two even discover an unforeseen capacity to converse. Later in the film, Luke sacrifices himself for his pupil and other Resistance members to flee the First Order. To put it another way, he acts selflessly, much like his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi did in the first film.

10. John Shaft

Treasures On To Their Successors, John ShaftSource: Marvel Studio

It took Jackson 19 years to return to the part, which he did in another film called Shaft. (The titles for this series were never particularly inventive.) JJ Shaft, his son, is the main character (Jesse T. Usher). The younger guy is looking for the killers who murdered his closest buddy.
He contacts his estranged father, knowing he will need considerable help on this front. The older Shaft then shows his kid the ropes of nabbing criminal folks. He also teaches JJ how to cuss up a blue streak in the process.

11. Bill And Ted

Treasures On To Their Successors, Bill And TedSource: Marvel Studio

The men still haven't composed the song that will alter the world at the start of Bill & Ted Face the Music, which perplexes them. They also have two children, Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Thea (Samara Weaving), near-identical twins.
Throughout a convoluted story that has the fellas traveling into the future to see various versions of themselves, they discover that their daughters are the ones who will truly create the song. Their mission consisted only of assisting them in their navigation. Finally, the ladies team up with their fathers to unleash the magical music.

12. The T-800

Treasures On To Their Successors, The T-800Source: Marvel Studio

Terminator: Dark Fate brought the circle full circle. The T-800 takes the name "Carl" in its most current sequel and strives to fit into everyday life by starting a family. A new Skynet-like corporation is attempting to hasten the end of the earth.
To prevent it from happening, a new John Connor-like person named Dani must be spared from the so-called Rev-9. The T-800 offers to help Sarah and Dani in their mission after being tracked down by them. He has the strength and know-how to wipe the Rev-9 from the face of the earth since he was once a terminator.
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