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Wife Demands To Be Celebrated On Mother’s Day Because She’s A Cat Mom, Gets Angry At Husband When He Refuses

A husband who goes by the username u/aitacatnomothersday recently took to the subreddit IATA to share the details of an argument between him and his wife. He asked for advice and Reddit users weighed in on it. Scroll down to read the full post!

“My wife and I don’t have kids and she has never even been pregnant,” he wrote. “Last summer we adopted a kitten. He’s great. My wife came to me last night and said she was disappointed that I didn’t get her anything or take her out for mother’s Day.”

As it turned out the wife wanted the man to celebrate Mother’s day with her, but he refused because she didn’t have kids. However, his wife disagreed and said that she was a mother because she owned a cat.

“She said she’s basically a mother because we have a cat and she takes care of him (we both do, he’s a cat it takes like 5 min per day to do everything for him),” he explained. “I admit that I started laughing because I thought she was joking.”

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The Reddit user felt she was joking as he thought that being a mom meant having a human child. Although he explained, his wife was still mad.

Concerned he’d really made a mistake, he went on Reddit to ask if he was an a**hole for not doing anything special on mother’s day.

“I admit that I started laughing because I thought she was joking. I tried explaining that, at minimum, qualifying for mother’s day should entail being a parent or potential parent to a human child. I have no intentions of being celebrated on father’s day because I have a cat.”

Most Redditors agreed that the man was not the a**hole for doing anything special for his wife on mother’s day. They also pointed out the wife was being unreasonable because raising a cat is simply not the same as raising a child.

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“NTA. I had a cat for 16.5 years and at no point did I consider celebrating Mother’s Day despite calling myself a cat mom,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “NTA. Also you have got to be fucking kidding me, I am a woman. 30s. Absolutely LOVE my cat. But never in a million years would I say I’m “basically a mom”. If anything I love my cat BECAUSE it’s not a child lol. I love animals and I love having pets, but pet culture has gone way, way too far with this “fur baby” shit. If you dont have children you’re not a parent. Period. This is not a difficult concept.”

“NTA – she is not a mother. A kitten is not a child. I have dogs. They are not children. I love them. I take good care of them. They are not children.”

Source: Yucky Puppy

Another offered a helpful suggestion for him: “For future reference, there is actually a National Pet Parents Day that is the last Sunday of April.”

“It would be another thing entirely if she’d said ‘hey babe, I know we don’t have kids, but I do consider myself a cat mom, could we do something special for mother’s day?’ and then they could’ve had an adult conversation about whether that would be reasonable or appropriate,” a user wrote. “I don’t like it when people just expect things like this and then get upset when it doesn’t happen.”

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