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Woman Went Mad At Her Friend Who Stole Her Daughter’s Nickname For Dog

A woman, from the US, has aired out her frustration on Reddit after learning that her friend stole her daughter’s very unique nickname and gave it to her new pet dog.

Taking to the subreddit r/JUSTNOMIL, the anonymous woman who goes by the username u/Witchonthefridge shared that she had a cute nickname for her daughter, and the little girl loved it so much.

Source: u/Witchonthefridge

She wrote: “I have a cute nickname for my baby daughter, let’s say it’s magical bird. I even made her a jumper with the letters “magical bird” on it cause I think it’s adorable. My little girl also recognizes her real name, but I often call her magical bird or little bird, which she enjoys.”

The annoyed woman then said she visited her friend to drop by with a birthday gift and found out she had a new dog. And she was like, “awwwww, my little bird does this, awwwww, the magical bird does that.” The woman was confused shortly until she got that her friend referred to her new dog. “And tbh it REALLY angered me. Not sure if I am overreacting, but I am pretty sure I would find this shitty if it came from anyone else, too.”

Source: u/Witchonthefridge

However, the woman didn’t think it was just an unfortunate coincidence and thought she knew why she did it. “She wanted to get under my skin and I am sure she had malicious intent.”

Source: u/Witchonthefridge

After she shared her post on Reddit, everyone quickly responded. Her post was flooded with comments with many siding with the woman and agreeing that she was right to be annoyed.

“You’re not overreacting. I say you name your next dog after JNMIL. Send out a ‘birth announcement’ or ‘welcome to our family’ photo cards and post all over social media for her to see,” suggested one. “Petty is as petty does.”

A Reddit user commented: “No you’re not overreacting. I think she trying to show you she’s ‘replaced’ her granddaughter with her new dog.”

It’s definitely pretty revenge because she pretty much never sees your daughter.”

A second quipped: “Get a dog, name it grandma. That way you can yell at the dog and say “grandma quit humping the couch.“

Source: dreamstime (not the actual photo)

The third added: “It was definitely done on purpose and good on you for not reacting to it!”

“Pretend like you don’t even notice. If it ever comes up I’m not sure what you could say, but I would make it more about how odd it is to name an animal after your grandkids. Not that you’re upset, but that she is odd.”

Another penned: “It was totally done on purpose! I would be livid! You got nerves of steel to be able to not react.”

Let her enjoy her little bird as she deprived herself of the company of a REAL little bird.”

“Every time you see the dog call it something else. Poo head comes to mind. Interrupt her. Say it loud, get the dog excited. When she calls the dog by the right name, grey rock her or simply smile.”

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