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25 Glaring Mistakes You May Have Noticed In These Popular Films

Movies allow audiences to be transported to another planet. Whether imaginative, futuristic, or even based on our own reality, they’re all worth watching. However, some films have committed faults that are so minor but so visible that they might detract from the viewer’s absorption in the film. Because there are so many parts to the filmmaking process, mistakes can easily sneak through the cracks and end up in the final product, even if they aren’t seen by editors.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of these blunders for you today; some are little features that you won’t notice twice, but others are unforgettable once you’ve noticed them.

Here are a few examples of these blunders.

#1 The Patriot – Totally Ageless

In a film that spans several years, it might be difficult to accurately depict the passage of time. A film may, at the very least, make an attempt to age the performers. None of the characters in The Patriot grow up at all. Not even the tiniest of children are exempt.

#2 The Usual Suspects – Not The Same Plane

The Usual Suspects is regarded as a fantastic neo-noir mystery picture with a stellar cast. And none of that has anything to do with the error this film made. The front of a 747 with four engines is shown in the first scene. When it displays the same jet again a few moments later, we see the back of it, and it now only has two engines.

#3 Spider-Man – Self-Repairing Lamp

Remember that iconic Spider-Man scene where he’s just learning how to use his powers and starts experimenting in his room? As a result, he webbings a lamp and pulls it towards him, causing it to crash against a wall. Despite this, with only a slight shift of camera angle, you can see the lamp back on his dresser, perfectly intact.

#4 Troy – Airplane

Troy was a successful film that depicted the events of the Trojan War. The picture had terrific action, and surprisingly deep emotional beats, and overall was a fantastic journey. However, there was only one flaw in the film. That was the plane that could be seen in the Trojan sky millennia ago.

#5 Lord Of The Rings – Gandalf’s Watch

This isn’t so much an error on the part of the writer as it is on the part of Ian McKellen and the customer. Overall, it’s a little issue, but that’s why this list exists. A watch can be seen on Gandalf the White’s arm during one of the major battles in Lord of the Rings, played by the aforementioned Ian McKellen. Given their more medieval technology, it’s safe to assume they didn’t wear watches in Middle-Earth.

#6 The Dark Knight – Spell Check

Christopher Nolan is widely regarded as one of the best modern filmmakers. Even he, however, is prone to making blunders. The term “heist” is misspelled as “hiest” in a newspaper in The Dark Knight.

#7 Halloween – California Palm Trees

Halloween is a well-known film with an equally well-known franchise. You, on the other hand, are likely to have overlooked this tiny blunder. Although Halloween is intended to be set in a fictional town, it is nevertheless located in Illinois. However, you can see Californian palm trees in the backdrop. Those trees would most likely not be able to live in Illinois.

#8 Sherlock Holmes – Geography Matters

Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, was an unexpectedly good action mystery. The geography of the chase sequence at the end, on the other hand, does not appear to make much sense. It begins in the Houses of Parliament’s sewers and terminates at Tower Bridge. However, because the two locations are over two miles apart, a fast chase scene is impractical.

#9 Panic Room – Don’t Fall Asleep In Chemistry Class

A scene in Panic Room features Jodie Foster’s character lighting a gas canister to try to avoid it as it rises. Due to the fact that propane is heavier than air, the canister should have fallen to the floor in the first place.

#10 Dallas Buyers Club – Lamborghini Aventador

In Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey plays Ron Woodroof, a man living with HIV/AIDS in 1985. In one point in the movie, a poster of a red Lemborghini Aventador can be seen in the back. The automobile, however, did not become available until 2011.

#11 Malcolm X – Somebody (Can’t) Call 911

When his house is on fire in the biopic named after the Civil Rights leader, Malcolm X requests that someone contact 911. 911, on the other hand, did not exist at the time. It took three years after his assassination to put it together.

#12 The Sound Of Music – Good Luck!

The Von Trapp family is halted by Nazi officers in The Sound of Music, which takes place in German-occupied Austria. Using a crossed fingers hand motion, one of the officers quickly wishes the family “good luck.” That is not, however, the hand gesture used in German-speaking countries. He should have pressed his thumbs instead. This is referred to as “Daumen drücken.”

#13 300 – Gunpowder

This is one you may have considered, but 300 was never a film that focused on historical accuracy. Xerxes and his army try everything they can to defeat the Spartans at one point. Using bombs was a part of it. Of course, it wasn’t until the 9th century that gunpowder and explosive residue of this kind was invented.

#14 Back To The Future – Marty’s Guitar

There are many admirers of Back to the Future. Marty McFly travels back in time to 1955, attends a high school dance, and plays a Gibson ES-354 guitar in one of the most iconic sequences from the movie. It’s obviously out of place, especially because he didn’t bring his own guitar from the future. Due to the fact that particular model of guitar was not manufactured until 1958.

#15 Saving Private Ryan – Motorcycle Troubles

One of the grittiest and most authentic depictions of battle in film is Saving Private Ryan. Captain Miller, played by Tom Hanks, is badly wounded during the film’s climactic fight and makes a final stand while leaning against a Ural M-63 motorcycle. The only mistake appears to be that this model of motorcycle did not exist until 18 years after the year in which the movie was set.

#16 Gladiator – “The Spaniard”

One of Russell Crowe’s most well-known roles is that of Maximum in Gladiator. Maximus is often referred to as “The Spaniard” throughout the film. After all, the term “Spaniard” refers to people who are from Spain. However, when this film is set, Spain will not exist for another 1100 years. The year 180 CE is depicted in Gladiator.

#17 Forrest Gump – Apple Stocks

The protagonist Forrest Gump receives a letter from Apple about investing, which is one of the events in the renowned film. Although the film was released in 1975, the letter’s logo was not utilized until the following year. Furthermore, Apple did not become a publicly traded business until 1981.

#18 Public Enemies – John Dillinger’s Hit List

The film Public Enemies stars Johnny Depp as bank robber John Dillinger during the Great Depression. Babyface Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd, two more crooks, are killed by John Dillinger at one point in the film. Dillinger, on the other hand, had died before either of them.

#19 Pirates of The Caribbean – Granny Smith Apples

Captain Barbosa’s love of apples is well-known among Pirates of the Caribbean fans. He seems to prefer Granny Smith apples in particular. Granny Smiths, on the other hand, did not exist until 1868, 140 years after the events shown in these films.

#20 The Hurt Locker – Xbox Games

There’s a scene in The Hurt Locker where the characters are playing on an Xbox 360. Because the Xbox didn’t come out until 2005, this is a pretty strange situation. Even stranger, Gears of War, the game they were playing, didn’t come out until 2006. And the year 2004 is shown in this film.

#21 Titanic – Lake Wissota

Titanic was one of the most successful movies of all time. Even so, there are a few irregularities in it. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, informs Rose that he and his father used to fish at Lake Wissota. That’s a concern because the Titanic sank in 1912. Lake Wissota, on the other hand, had not developed until 1917.

#22 Django Unchained – Sunglasses

Django Unchained stars Jamie Foxx as the title character, a liberated slave in the years leading up to the Civil War. Django dons a pair of sunglasses throughout the flick. That is the crux of the issue. It’s not that sunglasses didn’t exist before, but they were uncommon and only worn when doctors recommended them.

#23 The Aviator – Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Aviator was an enormous hit. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes, a man known for a variety of accomplishments, the most notable of which are his contributions to modern aviation. There is one minor flaw with the film, ignoring any general improvements made to make a better story. Hughes buys chocolate chip cookies at one point. In 1930, such cookies were created. And the year is 1928 in this film.

#24 Top Gun – Aerial Tricks

This moment will be familiar to anyone who has seen Top Gun. This is where Maverick and Goose fly one over the other. This maneuver, however, is completely impossible. The vertical stabilizers on the jets would clash, resulting in a deadly crash, not because it’s impossible to pull off.

#25 Independence Day – Got The Address Wrong

Independence Day was a huge box office hit at the time. An alien invasion destroys various monuments and notable buildings in the film, including the Empire State Building. The ESB, however, is visible in the film and is located on 53rd street. It’s on 34th street in real life.

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