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People Are Sharing The Moment They Turn Against Their Favorite Celebs

It is said that reputation is something that takes a lifetime to build and only a second to destroy. It is especially true for our favorite celebrities. Many famous people achieve fame because of their talent or even just their looks. However, when they fall from grace, it’s extra disappointing. Celebs are obviously just humans with understandable flaws and the capacity to make horrible choices but there are some opinions and actions that can’t be forgiven.

For example, Bill Cosby was a global comedian in the 1980s, receiving a lot of prestigious awards and nominations. In 2014, Cosby became the subject of numerous sexual assault allegations which became highly publicized during the Me Too movement. In 2018, Cosby was convicted of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand. Those made him lose a large number of fans and he totally disappeared from the limelight.

Keep scrolling through to see celebs that people stopped admiring.

#1 Elon Musk

Source: elonrmuskk

Source: RaccKing21

#2 Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: gwynethpaltrow

Source: whiterice34

#3 Jennifer Lopez

Source: jlo


#4 Beyonce

Source: beyonce

Source: Metadeth_

#5 Tom Cruise

Source: tomcruise

Source: drunkenWINO

#6 Bill Cosby

Source: i_love_bill_cosby

Source: aksf16

#7 Amber Heard

Source: amberheard

Source: velocity_ken

#8 Quentin Tarantino

Source: quentin_tarantino_fan_club

Source: theresabeeonyourhat

#9 James Corden

Source: j_corden

Source: Schlag96

#10 Demi Lovato

Source: ddlovato

Source: BittersweetAndi

#11 Dr. Phil

Source: BittersweetAndi

Source: buggerrrnaut

#12 Ellen

Source: buggerrrnaut

Source: UhnonMonster

#13 Danny Masterson

Source: dannymasterson

Source: DogStilts

#14 Sia

Source: Getty

Source: RedWestern

#15 Joss Whedon

Source: Earl Gibson III

Source: Zeelthor

#16 OJ Simpson

Source: ojsimpsonofficial

Source: darkLordSantaClaus

#17 James Charles

Source: jamescharles

Source: riana_the_raining

#18 John Cena

Source: johncena

Source: cjtbomb

#19 Conor McGregor

Source: thenotoriousmma

Source: johnnyb1917

#20 Shia Laboeuf

Source: _shialabeouf

Source: hurtfocker

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