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Woman Is Slammed For Demanding Her BF To Put Down His Healthy Dog Because It Gets On Her Nerves

A man was encouraged by Reddit users to end his four-year long relationship with his girlfriend because she wanted him to put down his healthy dog. The woman claimed that the dog got on her nerves and she wanted the man to get rid of it.

Taking on Reddit, the man told that he had two dogs and had been with his girlfriend for four years. He also explained how his seven-year-old dog had separation anxiety and cried in the absence of its owner. However, his girlfriend told him that she would leave him if he did not put away the dog.

Source: Reddit

He explained how his girlfriend was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wondered whether this has impacted her feelings towards his dogs. He also said that the dogs had started acting anxious since she moved in, it’s the weirdest thing.

Source: Reddit

He asked Reddit if he was a bad person for choosing his dogs over his girlfriend. Hard no, everyone quickly responded, and comments were pretty split. Some agreed with the man and told him he should leave his partner, while others were more sympathetic with the woman’s diagnosis.

One user commented: “Sounds like you and your girlfriend have different values. If you feel your pets are family and she doesn’t, to me that’s very hard to compromise on. I would keep the pets and find a life partner who also values pets’ lives like you do.”

While another user said: “She literally wants to kill your pets just because they miss you when you’re gone. That’s insane. Dump her and keep your babies.”

A third user added: “If someone I was with even hinted at the idea of killing my innocent baby girl because she screeched loudly and they found it annoying, I would immediately dump that heartless scumbag.”

“You must get rid of your girlfriend – the sooner the better. Cruelty is her intrinsic part. God knows how she will treat you one day.”

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