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24 Posts On Twitter That Show How Far Pet Parents Can Go To Provide Fur Babies Best Of The Best

Adopting a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is important to know that your furry companions will be completely dependent on you after adoption. You should be able to provide them with enough food, love, care, and spend enough time and effort on them so they have the best quality of life. In addition, it also includes the responsibilities before you welcome a pet to your home. Before a pet is brought into your home, you need to consider the breed you prefer and are able to adopt, what is necessary for their growth, and whether you have a suitable place to house them.

Normally, owners want to provide the best for their pets. Those owners consider their pets their own babies. They buy their animals good beds with some toys, a well-balanced diet, and regularly take them to the vet to ensure that they’re happy and healthy.  Typically, this is a usual checklist of things pet owners do for their pets. However, some owners don’t think this is enough, and they are willing to go above and beyond the typical checklist.

Here are twenty-four posts of pet parents going the extra mile to give their four-legged friends the best. Scroll down and check them out!

#1 This cat can be more cultured than you

Source: LittleLostLad


Source: twcuddleston

#3 The sphinx cat looks like she’s tired of fixing their apartment’s shared laundry

Source: Ruby_Stevens

#4 This dog library is the best

Source: elizaskinner

#5 What about an indoor garden for dogs during the hurricane?

Source: vidreis27

#6 This is the dog that gets his clothes from oversea

Source: rubyymaee

#7 Dog: “May I be the cover of Vogue right now?”

Owner: “Sure!”

Source: jairafarala

#8 This little kitty’s parents give her her own yurt and IPad

Source: liz_buckley

#9 The new shirt looks a lot better on the dog anyhow

Source: alextumay

#10 Cat: “I’ll refuse to use the special door. Give me a better one”

Source: Charlietrypsin

#11 Penelopes is her mom’s private model

Source: _ShesAGiraffe

#12 This is forever home!

Source: corvgord

#13 Cheddar has the best mom

Source: littlemoteI


Source: Rancor_Emperor

#15 Kitty, is the living room comfortable?

Source: indigogloves

#16 Wow, this dog has his own room

Source: Al_Chris16

#17 Yummy yummy

Source: granitetide

#18 Awww

Source: soup_sammich_

#19 “Quarantine, day 14. I and my boyfriend spent the whole day setting up an art gallery for our gerbil.”

Source: mariannabe

#20 Dog: “Gimme that pill”

Source: nanglish

#21 Cats: “We’re watching you”

Source: 9999monkeys

#22″Gus, do you like the present?”

Source: averagediana

#23 The brightest star for the Christmas tree!

Source: JayHillary

#24 Happy birthday!

Source: OfficialJoelF

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