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Cat Owners Share Hilarious Stories To Show Us What Their Cats Do When They Leave The House

Cats are natural explorers who can be very playful and energetic. But in some cases, they can be stubborn, mischievous, or deliberately disobedient. Once you leave home, they will find endless opportunities for mischief. They will damage your home, steal your food, or tear up toilet papers and your sofa. But no matter how bad and naughty they are, we are sure that you can’t hate them and even forgive them for their misdeeds.

Cats can do many crazy and weird things, but only cat parents can truly understand. If you’re curious to see what these feline friends do when their owners leave home, take a look at our list below! In this post, we collected some hilarious stories shared by cat owners and put them together to share with you. We are sure that these awesome stories will surprise you, make you laugh out loud, and get your daily dose of happiness.


Source: Aagaard Dueho


Source: Morrisey Jarman


Source: Charlie Bowden


Source: Michael White


Source: Tom OBrien


Source: Jenny Flower


Source: Barbara Creamer


Source: Lanette A. Anoneurbiz


Source: Abby Ferguson


Source: Mary Kavanagh


Source: Craig Hunt


Source: Amanda Basham


Source: Elena Kathleen


Source: Drew Buscho

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