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21 Plot Holes In Marvel Movies That We Can’t Skip Over

There are likely to be some issues with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which spans decades in time, multiple realms, and the immensity of space. It’s up to the MCU’s greatest fans to track them down. We’re left with several difficulties that are difficult to unsee after investigating, dissecting, and uncovering some key plot holes in the epic saga. Did Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. have a plot to form the Avengers, for example? The majority of the major players are found either by chance or against their will.

Also, given how quickly population expansion occurs, could Thanos actually obtain the outcomes he desires with the snap of a finger? If you think about it chronologically, Captain Marvel, Far From Home, and Infinity War have a lot of problems. Below are the 21 plot holes in Marvel movies that we can’t skip over.

1. The Sokovia Accords Is Not About Nukes

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/TeamNerdProductions:

“In Captain America: Civil War they show the Hulk Smashing Buildings in the New York Incident using that as one of their examples of why they need the Socovia Accords saying they caused too much damage. But in Avengers, New York tesseract fight, they literally launch a fat nuke at the city which Iron Man sends through the portal. Sure the other incident can be blamed on them but a huge nuke would have surely done way more damage than the Avengers did.”

2. Mysterio’s Identity Is Not Possible To Hide

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/KJYKJY1985:

“Mysterio’s plan was to become a famous superhero with a completely fabricated identity involving an alternate universe and whatnot. One major problem with this is his face is all over the news. Someone is bound to recognize him. Between friends, family, former neighbors, and coworkers, people should find out the truth pretty fast. And in the ending when he tries to frame Spider-Man for everything, it should be a simple matter to prove he’s a disgruntled former Stark employee.

There’s also the issue of him pretending to be from an alternate universe. Since Marvel is introducing the multiverse, this is going to seem like an incredibly lucky guess on his part about the true nature of the cosmos for the sake of an alias.”

3. The Skrull Have A Bad Scheme

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/WhyDidILogin:

“So the whole reason the Skrull set the trap for Vers, in the beginning, is that they needed information (stored in her head) on where the hidden ship is. Later, when they still don’t have the information, a Skrull sniper assassin tries to kill Vers in front of the phone booth by Radio Shack when she’s talking with Fury. This doesn’t make any sense as they need her alive and directly contradicts the Skrull goal.”

4. Captain Marvel’ Got ‘Street Fighter II’ Wrong

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/Opiumistrash:

“Captain Marvel: In one of Carol’s memories when she arrives at the bar, we see her and Maria playing SFII. But the first version of that came out in 1991, while she left Earth in 1989.”

5. Thanos Removing Half The Universe Wouldn’t Work

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/TapeNah:

“What did he use the stones for? Kill half the universe to save the other half.. guess he thinks its overpopulated.

Then he doesn’t want anyone using the stones again.. so he destroys them, which is stupid..

The universe will repopulate itself within a few decades.. the human population took 200 years to go from 1 billion to 7 billion when we become more civilized..

Thanos’s plan failed from the start unless he was going to routinely kill half the universe every 100 years.. but Nah he destroyed the stones cause he dumb asf boi..”

6. The Red Room Couldn’t Have Possibly Been Hidden

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/BoyBeyondStars:

“In Black Widow (2021), it’s revealed that the infamous Red Room where all of the Widows are trained is in fact a massive floating aircraft concealed within a cloud… and yet nobody else in the world knew about it? I mean, this thing is bigger than the ISS! Some of you will say, “Oh, you can see when the Red Room crashed that it was above a secluded area with nobody else around,” but you don’t think the government knew anything about this gargantuan thing falling out of the atmosphere?

You don’t think this got any news coverage when it was launched? Okay, maybe Dreykov somehow managed to keep this huge-ass space station hidden from everybody’s eyes. Well, how about days when it’s not cloudy? Wouldn’t people see it then? The Red Room is so insanely big that it has to be visible from whatever towns or cities are in the vicinity of this location.

Also, what about people just driving through the countryside? So, perhaps the Red Room has the ability to produce a cloud around it. Even then, how could the government and the military not sense the advanced technology in the sky? Well, maybe the Red Room has a cloaking mechanism that makes it completely invisible and undetectable. Then why the hell wasn’t it using it?!”

7. The Reasons Why Ajak Haven’t Stopped Thanos

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/Inevitable-Fruit2022:

“Eternals – I really loved the film but I don’t understand why Ajak wouldn’t have previously intervened and stopped Thanos from snapping away 50% of the population?

I know they weren’t allowed to intervene in “human affairs.” However, if their entire purpose is to develop and increase intelligent life on Earth, to create enough energy for the emergence… surely Thanos (another Eternal) wiping out 50% of life is a major setback to their progress, and also not really a human issue?”

8. Strange’s Spell Doesn’t Account For Physical Evidence Of Peter’s Presence

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/tnashty:

“The spell wiped out the existence of Peter Parker, but I still don’t understand how it would get rid of photos, videos, and prints of photos people had with Peter. Do they just lose those photos and don’t think about it? If MJ wanted to show people a photo she had taken of her and her friends in Europe, is there just an empty space where Peter would be in the photo?

And if it’s going to wipe out Peter physically and mentally out of people’s lives, why does MJ still wear the Black Dahlia necklace Peter gave her in Far From Home?”

9. It’s A Long Time For T’Challa To Become King

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/CONVERSE1991:

“In Civil War, T’Chalka is killed and T’Challa would then become the king of Wakanda. Then at the beginning of Black Panther, they are performing the ceremony for T’Challa to become king. But then in Infinity War, they state that the Sokovia Accords had been in place for 3 years which had been put in place in Civil War.

And according to the Russo Brothers, they say “This takes place shortly after the events of Black Panther. I would say equivalent to the real-time in between the films.”

So does that mean it took T’Challa 3 years to officially become the king of Wakanda?”

10. Bruce Doesn’t Sacrifice Himself

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/thermalcooling:

“In Ragnarok we see Banner sacrifice himself by jumping out of the ship to bring out the Hulk. We also know he has shot himself in the head and Hulk spat out the bullet.

So the Hulk may be sulking but neither will allow the death of the body.

In one of the first scenes if Banner just ran at the big dude surely the Hulk would come out as he is Banner’s survival instinct and instinct is instinct. The Hulk wouldn’t be able to help to form and becoming angry and to win that fight.”

11. Nick Fury Didn’t Have A Specific PlanSource: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/ConnerBartle:

“Nick has been planning this team for a long time. But who was he planning to put on the team? He didn’t want Iron Man because “he doesn’t play well with others.” Captain America was a surprise they found in the ice and didn’t plan for. Thor came into the mix because his brother was involved (which they didn’t plan for.) They brought Banner in to be a scientist instead of the Hulk. And Hawkeye was only there to get back at Loki. So who was gonna be on the team, a one-woman army of Black Widow?”

12. There Should Be More Pym Particles

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/Raffmeister:

“I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this, but it’s really contrived how there’s a limit to the number of Pym particles. They say they only have enough for everyone to go back once plus two/one test run. How about you go get more Pym particles and give yourself more chances or let more people come back in time like Captain Marvel or literally anyone else. Honestly, it might be better not to take back someone who’s super recognizable.

If you want more articles from the past, there are a few ways to get them:

Steal them

Talk to Pym, who probably wouldn’t be too surprised by time travel based on his own work, and ask for them.

Bring an extra suit and take Pym to the present so he can make more.

If you make the issue of particles a non-issue, then you can be way more careful, stake our your options, get redos, and make the whole thing easier. Honestly, it was pretty smart to have him be snapped and create that shortage, but it’s still dumb how they can’t get more. But hey, time travel is hard to write/”

13. There Is No Existence Of S.H.I.E.L.D. During ‘Captain Marvel’

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/vermonterjones:

“In Captain Marvel, ’90s Nick Fury works for SHEILD. In Iron Man, 2007 Agent Coulson works for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division and he admits they’re working on a new name.”

14. Tony’s Free Fall From Stark Tower

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/fiendzone:

“This plothole involves some math and physics, neither of which I excel at, so bear with me.

In The Avengers, Tony Stark is thrown from Stark Tower by Loki, and is in freefall until his armor rockets to his rescue, arresting his fall with feet to spare.

In the clip from the movie, the fall takes about 22 seconds. The Wikipedia Physics Institute informs us that it takes 12 seconds to reach terminal velocity, during which time a falling person will travel about 1,500 feet. TV (176 feet per second) over the remaining 10 seconds would add another 1,760 feet to the drop.

That’s a distance of 3,260 feet, indicating that Stark fell from a distance 500-600 feet higher than the tallest building in the world. But from this image as well as this one Stark Tower appears to be the same height as the Chrysler Building, which tops out at 1,046 feet, with the platform Stark was tossed from below that height.

So shouldn’t Tony have splatted on the sidewalk well before his armor saved him?”

15. Where’s The Outreach Program?

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/Opiumistrash:

“We find out in Civil War that Wakanda has started an international outreach program, sending peace workers to Lagos. This starts the Sokovia Accords. In Black Panther, this is ignored, and Wakanda has not yet started international outreach”

16. Iron Man’s Superfluous Sacrifice

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/harrybond:

“Why did Iron Man not just let go of the nuke when he was nearing the portal but was still on Earth? Wouldn’t the nuke still have gone and hit the mothership?”

17. Deadpool And The X-Men Created A Huge Problem

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/SiriusBlackLivesmatr:

“So in Avengers: Endgame they establish that traveling to the past does not change the future it simply creates an alternate timeline/reality/universe. But we see in Days of Future Past that in the X-Men universe that contains both versions of the X-Men the Stewart and McAvoy groups that in fact change the past does change the future it was literally the entire plot of the movie.

And in Deadpool 2 we saw that Wade exists in the X-Men universe not only because of interacting with Colossus and NTW but when we see McAvoy and his class in the room behind him when he’s asking where they are.

People are talking about Deadpool and the X-Men entering the MCU but if that happens then they have 2 massively conflicting versions of time travel existing in the same cinematic universe but which can’t exist within the same physical universe. One which works like Back to the Future and one that doesn’t.”

18. They Had The Time Zones Wrong In ‘Infinity War’

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/V-Tac:

“Is the earth flat in the MCU?”

19. Stark’s Accelerometer Didn’t Cut Everything

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/ponyket:

“The resultant beam from the particle accelerometer cuts through everything”

20. Doctor Strange’ And  ‘Winter Soldier’ Don’t Match

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/fiendzone:

“This is a possible plothole that hinges on a reasonable assumption, given the way MCU movies love to toss Easter eggs in:

In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Agent Sitwell receives an interrogation from our heroes and drops the names of those on the HYDRA target list, notable humans who would pose a threat to their organization. The list includes Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Stephen Strange.

In Doctor Strange, right before the car crash that destroyed his hands and thus before he became the Sorcerer Supreme, he is offered the gig of operating on an Air Force pilot who has suffered severe spinal injuries while operating an armored suit. I’m paraphrasing here, but the inference is that the patient is Jim Rhodes, who was severely injured in Captain America: Civil War.

The Air Force pilot could be someone other than Rhodes, but as Winter Soldier took place before Civil War, it seems that either a) HYDRA had a device that not only targets certain threats but also predicts those who will become threats; b) HYDRA considered physicians a threat to their organization, or b) we have a glaring pothole.”

21. Spider-Man Is Not Suitable To The Timeline

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/calebsaurusRAWR:

“Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place minutes after Avengers: Endgame ends. Based on the official MCU timeline, Infinity War and Endgame take place in 2017/2018. This doesn’t make sense to me and as I started to think more about it, some key points popped in my brain.

1: Peter Parker’s Birthday is stated on the MCU wiki as being August 10th, 2001.

2: In the official timeline of MCU movies, Civil War takes place in 2016, thus making Peter 15.

3. When Tony confronts Peter about being Spider-Man and joining him to go to Germany, Tony asks if Peter has a passport and he says no.

4. Passports for minors last 5 years before they need to be renewed.

5. In the Far From Home trailer, we see Peter having to go get a new passport.

This means, Far From Home would have to take place in AT LEAST 2021, almost 4 years after Infinity War/Endgame.

TL;DR. Based on the timelines of MCU movies and the lifespan of US passports, FFH has to take place in 2021 where it should be in 2018″