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30 Celebrities Share Hidden Messages Behind Their Tattoos

Tattoos are popular artworks for our bodies but not all everyone is getting inked for the trend. Getting inked can be a great way to express their artistic nature, beliefs, or feelings – in other words, to show their individuality.

Numerous celebrities choose to go under the needle. Some tattoos are done as a tribute to their beloved ones while some serve as powerful reminders for celebs to overcome tough days. Whether it’s a tiny white dot or an epic back tattoo, celebs aren’t afraid to show off their personalities on their skin.

Take a peek at some of Hollywood’s ink and what it all means.

#1 Emma Stone

Source: Emma Mcintyre

Emma Stone has a pair of bird feet tattoo on her wrist, a replica of what her mom is having after recovering from the knuckles of cancer. A bird feet tattoo is to signify some fortune or good omen. The tattoo is also of a bird’s footprints in honor of her mom’s favorite song “Blackbird” by the Beatles. Emma actually managed to get Paul McCartney himself to design it.

#2 Dax Shepard

Source: Cindy Ord

Dax Shepard honored his wife, Kristen Bell, by getting a tattoo of a bell on his ring finger instead of a wedding ring. He revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014 that he didn’t like wearing jewelry and he thought a tattoo would be fitting.

#3 Ariana Grande

Source: arianagrande

Ariana Grande got a bee tattoo to honor the Manchester victims a year after the Manchester Arena bombing. The tattoo is placed behind her ear and it’s a minimalist design about the size of a fingernail. She shared a black and white photo of it on her Instagram with the caption “forever”.

#4 Halsey

Source: Taylor Hill

Halsey has a colorful dagger tattoo on her upper thigh when the singer was 16. The tattoo is in blue and red ink with the number 13 on a banner on the blade. She explained that it is in remembrance of a friend who passed away.

#5 Jonah Hill

Source: jonahhill

Jonah Hill sends a message of self-love with a tattoo. The actor showed off photos of his fresh ink on Instagram. It features a yellow circle on his shoulder with the words “Body Love” and a geometric hand in the middle.

#6 Rihanna

Source: jonahhill

Rihanna paid tribute to her late grandmother, who passed away after a long battle with cancer, with a mammoth tattoo of an Egyptian goddess on her chest. The Egyptian goddess symbolizes the ideal mother and wife.

#7 Selena Gomes

Source: Interscope Records

In 2019, fans caught a glimpse of a date underneath her right arm. Selena Gomes revealed that the date signifies the time when she underwent a kidney transplant. She revealed in an interview with the Captial FM that the tattoo matches that of her friend and kidney donor Francia Raisa.

#8 Gigi Hadid

Source: Kevin Mazur

Gigi Hadid got her first tattoo in honor of her newborn baby Khai. The supermodel appeared on Vogue’s Youtube channel to share her post-pregnancy skincare routine. Whenever she lifted her arm to apply makeup on her face, her eagle-eyed fans noticed she got a new tattoo.

#9 Travis Barker

Source: kourtneykardash

Kourtney Kardashian has tattooed the phrase “I love you” onto her boyfriend Travis Barker’s arm as the couple has been very open about their relationship on all levels. The rocker looked relaxed as he held out his arm for Kourtney to excitedly tattoo him.

#10 Demi Lovato

Source: _dr_woo_

Over a year after Demi Lovato’s near-fatal drug overdose, the singer is closing out 2019 on a high note. To mark how far she’s come in her sobriety journey, the singer got the word “survivor” tattooed on her neck.

#11 Taye Diggs

Source: tayediggsinsta

Actor Taye Diggs likes to show off the art of their kids and he does it in ink! He has tattoos inspired by his son like the words “I love Daddy”.

#12 Joe Jonas

Source: joejonas

Joe has inked his right forearm with two ropes tied two each other making an inseparable or a strong bond. The two ropes represent his Parents and the four ends which represent, the four Jonas brothers.

#13 Kevin Jonas

Source: kevinjonas

Jonas took to his Instagram account on Oct. 18 to showcase his new tattoo. The new piece is based on Kevin’s wife, Danielle Jonas’, appearance in the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” music video. The piece shows the outline of Danielle wearing the gorgeous, over-the-top pink, tulle gown from the video.

#14 Hailey Bieber

Source: mr.k_tattoo

Hailey Bieber gets a new ring finger tattoo in honor of her husband Justin. The model visited a celebrity tattoo artist, Mr. K, for two pieces of delicate ink. The first is a thin “J” next to a star inked on her ring finger. She also got the word “Beleza” tattooed in a thin script down the side of her neck.

#15 Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams

Source: kat_painetattoos

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams got matching “07.08.09” tattoos, representing the date that they had been cast on “Game of Thrones”. While Sophie’s is on her right arm in a flesh-colored ink, Maisie’s is on her left right in red ink.

#16 The cast of The Lord of the Rings

Source: orlandobloom

After filming “Lord of the Rings”, some of the cast members and one stunt double got matching tattoos to commemorate the experience. They settled on getting the word “nine” tattooed in Elvish scrip – a fiction language invented by Tolkin.

#17 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Source: Ron Elkman

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is an actor and a mostly-retired professional wrestler who has an affinity for tattoos. Johnson’s most prominent tattoo is a tribal themed artwork that cover his shoulder, chest and arm. it is of Polynesian origin and is a representation of John’s heritage.

#18 Dua Lipa

Source: Luca Teuchmann

Dua Lipa shared that her first tattoo, in which she wrote “Sunny Hill”, was done when she was 19 years old. It means “Sun Hill”, a neighborhood in Prishtina. She told Refinery29 that “Sunny Hill became the name of our foundation and then the name of our festival. It holds a special meaning for me.”

#19 Angelina Jolie

Source: Axelle

This tattoo has the most significant meaning for the actress. She had previously inked the birth coordinates of her ex-husband Brad Pitt and their six children. However, fans noticed Brad Pitt’s missing from her shoulder tattoo . 

#20 Dove Cameron

Source: wieldingpeace

Dove Cameron got a special tattoo in honor of her late costar and friend, Cameron Boyce. She shared that the ink had special meaning because it was in memory of Descendants costar Boyce, who died at age 20.

#21 Miley Cyrus

Source: wieldingpeace

Miley Cyrus is the queen of tattoos and at the age of 17, the singer got the word “Love” tattooed on her right earlobe. She explained the meaning behind her tattoo “There’s so much negativity in the world and what you only need to hear is all the love”.

#22 Orlando Bloom

Source: orlandobloom

Orlando Bloom delighted his legions of social media followers when he revealed a tattoo on his arm. The inking, featuring a thin black line and a series of numbers, represent his Samoan hertiage and family history.

#23 David Beckham

Source: orlandobloom

One of David’s sweetest tattoos drawn by his little girl, Harper shows a sketch of a stick figure wearing a dress, standing next to a heart. For him, his daughter is a true little artist.

#24 Carrie Fisher

Source: Tibrina Hobson

When turning 61, Carrie Fisher still showed off a new tattoo. Her tattoo has a planet, a moon, six little stars, and one big one on her ankle — the same design Carrie had, just without the purple and blue color.

#25 Billie Lourd

Source: praisethelourd

Billie Lourd got a version of her mom’s tattoo in her memory. She told the Instyle: “Hers was a really horrible version of mine, basically.Hers kind of looked like she got kicked in the leg…I got a version of that’s classier, but not a bruise galaxy.”

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