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22 Hot Takes About Disney Princesses That Are So Relatable

From the premiere of the first princess movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” in 1937, Disney Studios has brought to the world a total of 12 princesses. Even though they come from different backgrounds and have distinct beauties, all of the Disney heroines are kind and talented. And they all have many fans of all ages. Therefore, it is not surprising that our favorite hot Disney princesses always become a hot talking point on online Disney fan communities.

In fact, when surfing platforms like Twitter, Reddit, or Pinterest with the hashtag DisneyPrincesses, you’ll discover more interesting information about Disney beauties. However, there are also some unpopular opinions and hot takes. Scroll down to see our list of 22 hot takes and bold opinions about Disney princesses below. What do you think about these? Let us know in the comment below.

#1 This scene from the movie “Wreck It Ralph”

hot disney princessesSource: mbrleigh

#2 That’s why Elsa is the queen!

hot disney princessesSource: fanpop

#3 It’s like you online vs in real life

hot princessesSource: beatonna

#4 This is a good idea!

disney princessesSource: GoldenObsession

#5 Yeah but Snow White is my favorite princess

Source: NikitaDragun

#6 Welcome new princesses!

Source: marvelmemes

#7 I totally agree!

Source: LethalityJane

#8 Loki

Source: marvelmemes

#9 “Here for it”

Source: scalzi

#10 That’s a common mistake!

Source: samriegel

#11 Cinderella always will be relevant to audiences

Source: mseggy1

#12 Ariel is the princess of the ocean floor and Moana is the princess of the waves

Source: u/JimmyTheChick

#13 She’s a part of the Disney Princesses

Source: brasher_anna

#14 Megara should be considered a Disney princess

Source: Hannah_Zannini

#15 The real heroes of “Sleeping Beauty”

Source: MusicalHell

#16 King Swan

Source: willabethh

#17 Why is Megara not considered a Disney Princess?

Source: CCrusherr

#18 Unpopular opinion

Source: TheBreonShow

#19 Cinderella deserves more credit

Source: starryrock

#20 Long overdue hot take


#21 Mulan is the most powerful Disney Princess

hot disney princesses
Hot disney princesses

Source: Mods Are Nice People

#22 Incorrectly shaming Ariel

hot disney princessesSource: petitesque

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