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People Are Sharing The Most Wholesome, Hilarious, And Adorable Things Their Mom Did

We love dads because them being very entertaining all the time. Yes, dads are usually the joker in the family, using their humor to put a smile on the face of every member. Must love those men because their silly yet adorable dad jokes never fail to get us every time we recall, even years later. Still, their female counters part, the mothers, are no less wholesome. Who says the woman in a family cannot be the one who’s in charge of all members’ mental health?

Last weekend was for our mothers. And to celebrate the event, people shared so many heartwarming, funny, and cute things their moms did. We thought that it would be awesome to spread this positive energy, so we decided to make this article. This post is to celebrate and appreciate all mothers for their love, devotion, and sacrifice. Also, this is to show that moms can tell jokes.

#1 What a brave mother

Source: hamdia_ahmed

#2 Impeccable logic

Source: buzzfeeds

#3 “If I birthed 6 kids, I’m gonna get 6 kids out”. Super-mom Emma Schols saved all of her 6 kids from their burning home

Source: aftonbladet

#4 Please don’t make fun of this. I asked my mom to make me a Bulbasaur cake for my 21st birthday, and this is the result

Source: beansyboii

#5 World’s Best Mom

Source: ashleymcnamara

#6 So genuinely proud of her son

Source: Mark Bonnie Salado Wata

#7 My mum finally escaped an abusive relationship and found herself a little place. No furniture yet but she just sent me this and I’m so proud

Source: _pixieonthemoon

#8 Mom gave me a teddy bear for thanksgiving. Took a second to realize it’s one of the most valuable things I’ve ever owned

Source: HiyaJosiah

#9 A mother is always a mother

Source: AnnaKhadejah

#10 My wife loves to take a nap whenever possible. Her mom and grandma came to town to visit and now I can see where she gets it from

Source: ImProblyPoopin

#11 Mom who helped her blind daughter graduate from law school, received an honorary law degree for her effort

Source: Sakarya Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi

#12 My mom took this picture of our dog and also doesn’t know memes

Source: cremebrulheyy

#13 Mom was worried somebody would step on the cat, so she put cones around him

Source: Chroniklogic

#14 My mom crochets and donated 42 blankets to sick children this year

Source: seacogen

#15 That’s how moms do

Source: DestructiveCreations

#16 Bro I need that shirt

Source: MavenOfMayhem

#17 A mother handed out more than 200 goodie bags filled with candy and earplugs, in case her 4-month-old child cried during the flight

Source: dave.corona1

#18 A year and a half-ish after I was adopted. Me and my mom

Source: Fern_2808

#19 My mother made me the 2-year-old outfit and the 39-year-old outfit

Source: Sluggerknuckles

#20 My mom is giving me one of her kidneys tomorrow. Best mom ever

Source: sleepyplatipus

#21 My mom is a nurse practitioner and she has been on the front lines of a covid unit since march. She just got this shirt. I haven’t seen her light up like that in months

Source: somenerdnamedtom

#22 I don’t know if angels exist, but if they do my mom is one. My mom taking care of her dad as he loses the fight against covid

Source: SoaringMagpies

#23 That amount of pride

Source: gabrieln_j

#24 Mom of the year!

Source: gracedli

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