12 Different Fighting Styles That Avenger Members Use

Almost single Marvel hero, even those who aren't instantly thought of as fighters, has a specific fighting style based on their special skills. Black Widow and Captain America, for example, are two of the MCU's strongest martial artists. These two characters alone demonstrate a tremendous amount of training in a variety of areas.
Hand-to-hand fighting scenes in the MCU have all been produced with the help of outstanding real-life martial arts instructors. These trainers collaborate with the filmmakers to create a distinct look for each character based on their abilities and history. In this approach, the characters not only have their own styles that work with their abilities, but they also have styles that are based on real-world disciplines.

1. Captain America: Muay Thai With Old-School Boxing

Source: Marvel Studio

In Captain America: The First Avenger, Rogers fought like a 1940s strongman. As Chris Evans put it, in the first film, Rogers's style was more about throwing haymakers than getting technical. Evans went on to say that with the sequel, "His fight style needs to advance a little bit... There needs to be a style of fight. There needs to be a consistent display of strength."

2. Black Panther: Capoeira With A Lot Of Different Techniques

Source: Marvel Studio

T'Challa's training was best displayed in his de-powered fight against Killmonger. In that fight, T'Challa showcased his knowledge of capoeira, which is an acrobatic martial art that originated in Africa. In that same scene, T'Challa's weapons of choice showed he was proficient in Ukungcweka, which is known for using three weapons simultaneously. Specifically, a shield and blocking stick in one hand and an induku in the other hand.

3. The Winter Soldier: A Lot Of Techniques With A Focus On Adaptability

Source: Marvel Studio

An analysis of the Winter Soldier's fight scenes show he knew Systema (most likely from his days as a Russian assassin), karate, boxing (from his 1940s war days with Captain America), and muay Thai. This fight analysis showcased Bucky's boxing training through how he protected his face with his non-punching arm. Plus, it showcased his knowledge of Systema through his knife fight with Captain America, his ability to punch without twisting his body, and how he blocks kicks with a raised knee.
Systema is a Russian fighting style that practically covers all aspects of combat, from punching to grappling, to knife fights, and even gunplay. Bucky's most prominent style is Systema, which makes sense given the character's background as a Soviet-era assassin.

4. Spider-Man's: Brazilian Jiujitsu And Tae Kwon Do

Source: Marvel Studio

Peter's ability to accomplish spectacular gymnastics feats is a big part of his fighting. Spider-Man uses Brazilian jiujitsu tactics to get out of clutches, according to one combat analyst. While Peter lacks formal training, he is extremely intelligent, so it appears that he is improvising maneuvers based on his understanding of how the human body functions and behaves. Peter also employs tae kwon do techniques, such as angling himself in such a way that he may hit with his feet and legs.
Professional wrestling is also in Peter's abilities, as it's probably one of the only examples of fighting he's ever seen, only unlike pro wrestlers, Peter isn't a fan of violence. Peter is physically capable of pulling off such incredible moves in real life, completely dominating his opponents.

5. Black Widow Started Out As A Wushu Fighter

Source: Marvel Studio

Jonathan Eusebio, the fight choreographer for Black Widow, said "Black Widow was supposed to be flowing and acrobatic. Wushu, a Chinese martial method, suits her body mechanics well." Black Widow is lightning fast and uses her entire body as a weapon to compensate for her petite stature. She effortlessly flips off one attacker before crashing into another.

6.  Even While Using Mjölnir, Thor Still Take Advantages Of His Massive Strength To Deliver Huge Boxing-Style Blows

Source: Marvel Studio

Chris Hemsworth trained in boxing and Muay Thai for the part of Thor. Thor's boxing influences may be seen in all of his appearances. Thor is a powerful character who wields his hammer and fists to strike great blows.
Thor, unlike Black Widow and Spider-Man, does not need to turn around to get a good angle. Instead, Thor frequently lifts up and tosses the individuals he's battling to the side. Glima is responsible for this type of pick-and-throw martial arts, which is ideal for Thor because Glima is a Nordic fighting technique.

7. Iron Man: Wing Chun (Like Robert Downey Jr. In Real Life)

Source: Marvel Studio

Most actors begin training in martial arts after being cast in an action film, but Robert Downey Jr. practiced wing Chun for six years prior to the release of Iron Man. Wing Chun is about focusing on the present moment and centering oneself. Stark has always had a lot on his mind, so it's only natural that he would pursue a martial art that focuses on teaching your brain to concentrate on one thing.

8. Doctor Strange: Martial Arts Alongside The Mystic Ones

Source: Marvel Studio

Unlike the other Avengers, Strange and his team are more interested in martial arts than MMA/wrestling/street combat, owing to their military backgrounds. "Martial arts is the kind of action that does tie in well to the supernatural," remarked the director of Doctor Strange. Strange and his fellow mystics do not often battle by casting spells at each other throughout the film. Instead, they conjure magical objects or construct magical constructs with which to fight in combat.

9. Captain Marvel Has A Military Background

Source: Marvel Studio

"We wanted her to feel extremely raw and scrappy, not really perfect and clean, but still with a little of style to it," Brie Larson said of her own fighting in the film. But, because she's a Kree warrior, a lot of her combat style had to be a little otherworldly." Larson had tae kwon do, judo, and boxing training.

10. Sam Wilson Utilizes His Thrusters To Improve His Military-Taught MMA

Source: Marvel Studio

Wilson, like all military recruits, studied a version of MMA while in the service, including those in the Air Force (Wilson). Wilson employs a variety of strategies throughout his public appearances, which is understandable for a military man. Typically, military recruits study fighting techniques derived from tae kwon do, Muay Thai, and krav maga. Falcon then deploys the rockets on his suit to give his moves a boost.

11. Hawkeye: Using Bojutsu To Mix His Bow When He Isn't Shooting Arrows

Source: Marvel Studio

When the enemy is far away, a bow and arrow are excellent weapons. When foes aren't at a safe distance, Hawkeye has developed a combat style in which he uses his bow as a weapon without shooting a single arrow.
The art of fighting with a bo staff is known as Bojutsu. The bo staff in question for Clint Barton is his bow. In his fight against Black Widow, he shows off his Bojutsu skills as well as a variety of other hand-to-hand martial arts techniques.

12. The Wasp: Flowing And Feminine Twist On MMA-Style Fighting

Source: Marvel Studio

Evangeline Lilly was heavily involved in the preparation of her character's battle scenes. Lilly stated that she "pushed and struggled for her to fight with grace, elegance, and femininity She doesn't move as a man does." Lilly discussed her preparation for the first film, including mastering muay thai and MMA fighting. It was crucial for Lilly that when she came out fighting in the second picture, she appeared graceful and as if she was born to do this. Hope was raised by Hank Pym and taught to fight, so this makes sense.
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