17 Open-Mouthed X-Men Details About Weapons And Combat

The X-Men film franchise is incredibly detailed, drawing characters, stories, and minute details from the superheroes' extensive comic book library. Weapons and battles are two places where fans have noted this attention to detail. When Wolverine is cage fighting in the first installment of the series, X-Men, for example, every punch he strikes has a "metallic ting" to it. These details are sometimes more about the consequences than the impact.
When Storm electrocutes Callisto in The Last Stand, the shock causes Callisto's lip ring to glow brilliant orange. There are even minor details that disclose the superpowers of new individuals. When Banshee unleashes his ear-piercing scream in First Class, Darwin doesn't even protect his ears, knowing that his body will adjust to whatever is going to happen.And below are the 17 thrilling X-Men details about weapons and combat that can make you open-mouthed.

1. Darwin Quickly Got Used To Banshee's Scream In 'First Class'

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/Khelevandros:
"In X-Men First Class, when the newly recruited mutants are showing off their powers, Darwin doesn't cover his ears when Banshee screams. He knew his mutation would adapt to it and he'd be fine."

2. In 'The Last Stand', Juggernaut and Phoenix Didn't Get Fazed By Gravity

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/wefeelyourpresence:
"In X-men: The Last Stand, when Magneto moves the bridge, everyone staggers from the vibration except Juggernaut and the Phoenix. That is because the Juggernaut has powers over inertia and the Phoenix has power over all matter, including herself."

3. Quicksilver Also Followed The Laws Of Physics As Leaving The Footprint

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/thr0wawayacc0untjg:
"In X-Men: Days Of Future Past, during the Quicksilver scene, you can see while he runs across the walls he actually damages them from how fast he is going."

4. In 'The Last Stand', Storm Warm Callisto's Lip Ring

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/Sillyist:
"In X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), when Storm electrocutes Callisto, you can see Callisto's lip piercing glowing red hot afterward."

5. Toad Actor Pays Tribute To A Previous Role In 'X-Men'

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/coldmilk2:
"In X-Men (2000), Ray Park (as Toad) pays homage to his character Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace (1999)."

6. In 'First Class', Raven's Fake Outfit Keeps Her Safe

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/hackulator:
"In X-Men: First Class, when Magneto knocks away the X-Men while fighting Charles, they all go flying except Raven because her outfit isn't real, it's just part of her powers and there's no actual metal."

7. Wolverine's Punches Sounds "Metallic Ting"

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/javelinRL:
"In X-Men (2000), when Wolverine first appears, his punches are accompanied by metallic sounds - emphasizing the raw power of the blows and hinting at his hidden Adamantium skeleton and claws."

8. In 'First Class', Magneto Clings To The Plane To Rescue Professor X

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/zyrxx:
"In X-Men First Class, when the plane is crashing Magneto saves Professor X by becoming a magnet and holding Professor X in place."

9. In 'Days Of Future Past', Quicksilver Almost Runs Out Of Duct Tape

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/SoftEnigma:
"In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the duct-tape Quicksilver used to tape a security guard to the wall is later seen attached to his belt, but near depleted."

10. In 'Origins', Heated Claws Are Needed To Defeat Weapon 11

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/braden41500:
"In The Wolverine (2013), we learn that heated adamantium blades are required to cut adamantium. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Weapon 11 (who has an adamantium skeleton) is decapitated by Wolverine's claws, only after being superheated by Weapon 11's Heat Vision."

11. In 'Apocalypse', Quicksilver Braces Mystique's Neck To Deter Whiplash

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/tatonkaman156:
"In X-Men: Apocalypse, Quicksilver grabs Mystique's head to prevent whiplash."

12. In 'X-Men 2', Nightcrawler's Power Is Shortly Visible When Jean Stops Him

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/InteriorEmotion:
"In X-Men 2, when Jean Grey stops Nightcrawler from teleporting, blue smoke is briefly visible as he tries to teleport."

13. In 'Logan', Logan's Carjackers Strip The Lug Nuts

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/Snooper999:
"At the beginning of Logan, he advises the men trying to steal his tires that they are going to strip the lug nuts, flaking the chrome plating. Sure enough, when he is hit with the lug wrench chrome flakes spray into the air."

14. In 'Apocalypse', Cyclops' Crater Flips The Bird

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/CmdrCloud:
"In X-Men: Apocalypse, when Cyclops is freed from being trapped in a wall, the crater he left behind is giving Apocalypse the middle finger."

15. In 'Logan', The Impact Of Logan's Head Has Opened The Door Latch

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/Ganrokh:
"In Logan (2017), when Charles is having a seizure at the hotel and Logan stabs the first guy in the head, the impact of the guy's head on the wall causes the door lock to swing out."

16. In 'Days Of Future Past, The Sentinels Show Other Mutants' Powers

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/chefr89:
"In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Sunspot battles with three Sentinels exhibiting powers of mutants not seen in the film - Rockslide, Emma Frost, and Lady Deathstrike - signifying they were likely tested on and killed prior to the events of the movie."

17. In 'First Class', Charles Is Unable To Read Minds Through Crystal

Source: 20th Century Fox

From Redditor u/Sudoball:
"In X-Men: First Class, Emma Frost informs Charles Xavier that he cannot read her mind when she’s in her crystal form. This is later used as justification for Charles’ inability to communicate with Magneto when Magneto faces Shaw in a room full of mirrored walls."
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