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Teachers Share Times They Unexpectedly Get Roasted By Their Students

What does it take to become a teacher? Aside from knowledge, a teacher is required to have the ability to convey it effectively. And, some characteristics people expect from a teacher are humility, calmness, sympathy, and possibly endurance. The last thing seems to be a bit off to some people, but it is necessary. Standing in front of a class is like standing on the battlefield, this’s especially true if you teach high school students.

High schoolers are absolute roastmasters. And they won’t hold back. In high schools, teachers are more like friends to their students. So it’s possible that once in a while, those burns will call the teacher’s name. Teacher Jessica Kirkland kicked off a thread sharing about how she hilariously got roasted by her students. Quickly, many teachers came in and shared their hilarious stories. Scroll down and enjoy today’s dose of laughter with us.


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