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Stories Of 16 Funniest Cat Names That Confuse Even The Vet

Have you ever known a cat whose name is so weird that it even makes people at the vet confused? Well, visiting a vet can be a struggle when you have to convince your pet to stay under your control and stop being drama kings/queens like when they are at home. Some accidents may happen, but things will get much better if you come across a random pet having quite a quirky name at the vet.

A Twitter user has recently sparkled a light-hearted thread about the funniest cat names people have ever known. The original poster (OP) shared that she was amused whenever she heard pets having ‘the most humanly’ while being called into the doctor’s room. However, this happens commonly as a way for owners to show their love to their pets. Those who are cute and innocent choose to name their pets after themselves (for example, Harry Jr, Willington Snr, etc.) without knowing that these names can become a source of hilarity.

A lot of people replied to OP’s posts by sharing the stories of their own pets confusing the vet staff with their hilarious names. Scroll down to enjoy the sixteen short stories we compiled for you. If you love this post, please give us a like and comment.

#1 That makes a problem

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#4 Your grandmother loves hẻ dog so much

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#5 That’s funny

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#6 This name sounds sweet

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#7 Good for your cat!

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#9 Remember, Brian is a girl

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#10 Amazing

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#11 Yeah, that’s confusing

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#12 “Tia Maria”

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#13 Then, did they thank you?

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#14 When you have only one favorite cat name

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#16 HAHA, it’s confusing enough!

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