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23 Times People Spotted Such Delusional Artists, They Just Had To Call Them Out

Art can make a fortune. Some artists can sell their works at the price of millions of dollars, which is absurdly high for some people. Of course, there must be something in their artwork that makes it highly valued like that. Maybe it’s the dedication and meticulousness put in every single detail of a hyper-realistic picture. Or maybe, it’s the depth of the meaning and the inspiration hidden in an abstract piece of artwork that makes people willing to pay a fortune.

Either way, an artist has to invest so much effort in their job to create a good piece of art. Yup, we’re talking about real, talented artists. For others, not so much. Some people think that they can make art with little or no talent. And even more, they have the confidence to sell their works at ridiculous prices and that somebody will buy them off. It’s hard to tell how delusional these “artists” are, but we have here their posts to show you the utter ridiculousness of their artworks. Let’s check them out!

#1 Delusional photographer needs to quit while she’s behind

Source: tukerdale

#2 I refuse to believe that this isn’t a joke

Source: tayferg

#3 They clearly just put a filter over the picture

Source: sodastreammmmmmmmmmm

#4 Sold for $2,000?!

Source: letsredditgabby

#5 Filmmaker and painter, copied works out other artists, claimed them as original and sold them in galleries

Source: sina-s9

#6 Does this count?

Source: ghostiekat

#7 Only $588 for a coloured zip tie? Great deal

Source: TheFRHolland

#8 Excuse me what?!

Source: reddit

#9 I know orange sea glass is rare find but…

Source: EatAndGreet

#10 My school cut down a perfectly healthy tree for this…

Source: PolarRood

#11 Comic Sans and crappy printer paper for £55

Source: TheWizardGoat

#12 Unsure where to post this. Sims in a higher end hotel restaurant?

Source: perroibksat

#13 Found on Etsy kind funny kinda like it but 1,200$ is no

Source: MrguyOp17

#14 Infecting a laptop with malware is art?

Source: hexafraction

#15 It’s better than I can do and they look pretty cute, I guess?

Source: Fisher212121

#16 One of my FB groups posted this

Source: morgue_monstr

#17 I see your funfair Yoda and raise you Texas state fair Nic Cage

Source: ApoopooJ

#18 Instagram “influencer” originals!

Source: sharamighty

#19 Only $500 for this miraculous specimen of a cat angel! This is a bargain and your chance to own a one of a kind species!

Source: WolfieVonD

#20 The hair looks better on the stone

Source: Psychonaut6767

#21 Design school I’m at paid 5000$ for a painter to paint a lightbulb, but it just looks like a noose

Source: IcelandicCartBoy

#22 My boi Weest dun got scammed

Source: reddit


Source: RealityKing4Hire

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