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20 Most Annoying Scenes In Marvel Movies Collected By Fans

The MCU has gained various awards and positive reception from the audience and critics. Understandably, not only did they do well in cinematic effects and have a great job of illustrating live-action scenes, but they also mixed some romantic ones in the movies successfully. But there are still several points that Marvel movies make people feel infuriating. Whether they do it on purpose or not, they are still thorns in people’s flesh.

For instance, they sometimes make movies that are not based on the original comics or change the characters’ personalities. Sometimes, they navigate the storyline in an unorthodox way. Below are the 20 most annoying scenes in Marvel movies collected by fans.

1. How Bullying Of Scott Lang In Avengers ‘Endgame’

Source: Marvel Studio

From: u/CornholioRex: “When everyone bullies Scott Lang in Endgame. Like, this dude just miraculously came out of nowhere with a solution to the blip and they treat him like he’s a wimpy kid.”

2. The ‘Endgame’ Woman-Power Scene

Source: Marvel Studio

 u/MackoUsko: “The ‘girl power’ scene in Endgame.

I thought the way they did it in Infinity War was great, they all knew each other and had chemistry.

But the Endgame one was just so on the nose, like, most of them don’t even know each other. Gamora 2014 has no reason even to be there. If it made some people happy, I guess it was worth it, but they deserved better than that one out-of-place scene. “

3. Shuri Vs. Bruce

Source: Marvel Studio

u/AtlasClone: “Shuri treating Bruce like he’s some kind of half-wit in Infinity War. And worse still, Bruce just kinda taking it.

It always annoys me when a genius character condescendingly asks why someone didn’t think of some shit. Like hey, you know you’re the smartest f**king person in the room and you know more than most people. So why are you acting like the thing you have years of training and expertise in should be obvious to someone else, if not just for the sake of being a huge egotistical dick. And that would be bad enough if she said it to a layman. but it’s Bruce f**king Banner, he’s one of the smartest people on the entire planet and in Age of Ultron, we’re told he’s the world’s leading expert in the field of bio-organics. He had like an hour to make Vision, excuse him if he didn’t create a masterpiece of engineering when he created the first sentient artificial life-form.

What really makes it cringe for me is that you can tell the scriptwriters thought it would make Shuri seem smart, but in actuality it just makes her seem like an asshole.”

4. Black Widow’s Unbeatable Time

Source: Marvel Studio

 u/CruzAderjc: “Her falling down an alley, hitting the vent, and landing 10 stories down onto the pavement, and getting up like it was nothing – it made the whole audience laugh. Like, what are we even watching?”

5. Rhodey’s Injury Is Soft-pedaled

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/SuperCoenBros: “Rhodey’s spine was severed, he was never going to walk again. Then 30 minutes of screen-time later, he was walking and said, “Y’know, it was worth it.” Any physical trauma is cinematically superficial, any emotional trauma is nonexistent.”

6. Tony Got Surgery In ‘Iron Man 3’

Source: Marvel Studio

 u/FoMoni: “Tony decides to get surgery and the arc reactor removed from his chest in Iron Man 3. There was no explanation as to why it was suddenly possible, but wasn’t in Iron Man 2 when the reactor was poisoning him.”

7. Rhodey Laughed At Thor

Source: Marvel Studio

 u/SailoreC: “The movie wants us to take it seriously and see how totally ruined he is, but also… haha look, fat depressed man! Cheez-Whiz? Really?”

8. Natasha Says She’s A Monster Too

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/DisplacedCaryatid: “Banner doesn’t want to be with Nat because he is a literal monster.

Nat tries to change his mind by saying she’s also a monster. Not because she’s a master assassin or anything like that.

Because… she can’t have children.

HOLY F**K that made me mad.”

9. Steve Kissed Sharon Carter

Source: Marvel Studio

u/LemurOfTheWorld: “Cap kissing his ex’s niece! I honestly don’t know why everyone thought it was normal. Like… he was 100% still in love with Peggy and then he kisses her niece?!”

10. Steve Didn’t Tell Tony How His Parents Really Died

Source: Marvel Studio

u/kremes: “Cap not at least telling Tony that his parents were murdered by Hydra is way out of character for him. I can see him not being sure if it was Bucky [at first], so [avoiding that specific detail], but not telling him at all just doesn’t fit Steve Rogers.”

11. The Death Of Ikaris

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/biamazing: “It came off too cheesy. The Icarus [Greek legend has him dying] from flying too close to the sun. So, [this] Ikaris flies into the sun to kill himself. It’s too… idk, cheap and cheesy. For me, it felt like his death was a punchline of a joke rather than a sad, dramatic scene.”

12. The Story Of Nick Fury’s Missing Eye

Source: Marvel Studio

 u/[deleted]: “[This] was the worst part of Captain Marvel. They threw away a potentially really interesting story about Nick Fury losing his eye to have a cheap joke. It’s because we gotta have that typical Marvel humor…”

13. An Unnecessary Way of Falling

Source: Marvel Studio

u/FictionoFantom: “ Bruce hits Natasha face first in the boobs.

Natasha: “Don’t turn green.”

Thank you, Mr. Whedon, for that fine piece of cinematography.”

14. Tony’s Rape Joke

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/FlyingTrilobite: “[When] Tony says that if he becomes ruler of Asgard he’ll reinstate “prima nocta.” Tony is a sleazy pickup artist, but this is too far even for him.

It’s like the director just had to show off knowing a bit of Latin. I cringe every time.”

15. OMG

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/jzilla11: “Oh. My. God.” – Natalie Portman, Academy Award winner…

16. The Final Fight In ‘Shang-Chi’

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/Maclimes: ” Big dumb CGI fights.

The climax of Shang-Chi has a really cool fight scene between Shang-Chi and his father. It was great. It ends with Shang-Chi claiming his birthright, defeating and redeeming his father.

But then suddenly we have to have a big fight between CGI monsters and color-coordinated energy beams and whatever the f**k else was going on there. It totally wrecked the personal, dramatic tone that was set by the actual fight.”

17. What Are Those?’

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/Buy_The_Stars: “The “what are thoseeeee” line is a great lesson for Marvel writers to never write another meme joke because once the meme is no longer relevant, it just cringes.”

18. Iron Man 2′ Party Scene

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/OPs_Mom_and_Dad: ” Iron Man 2, the party scene, culminating with public urination.

You’ve gotta remember, that we were still incredibly new to the MCU at this point, whereas (bad) superhero movies had been a thing for more than a decade. Iron Man was great, but I genuinely remember sitting in the theater during this scene thinking, “well, they lost the magic”

19. Korg Ruins The Historical Moment Of Asgard Collapses

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/LemoLuke: “The ending of Ragnarok when they watch Asgard collapse. It should have been a serious moment with Thor, the new king, unifying his people despite the destruction of their home and way of life. Instead, we get more Korg.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Korg, but that was absolutely the wrong time for it.”

20. Language

Source: Marvel Studio

From u/manuka_canoe: “For me, it was more that it didn’t make sense for Cap to actually say. Steve has sworn before while he was in the army, but now he’s telling Tony off for saying a bad word? And then they kept referencing it throughout the films and it just compounded the issue. It basically showed how Whedon didn’t really get Cap.”