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“What’s It Like Living Together?”: These 25 Couples Give The Most Honest Answers

Being in a romantic relationship, we all want to spend all days and nights with one another. Weekend dates are practically not enough. We want to be together all the time if it’s possible. Yes, who wouldn’t fantasize about waking up in the morning seeing their significant other lying by their side? That feeling will be so great. Well, that’s the difference between living alone and living with your SO. No wonder why people always rush to move in together.

But, wait a second. We need to take everything into account before making such an important decision like that. We’re not being pessimistic, just that living together is not easy. You may find out that your BF/GF has bad sleeping habits or they never do the dishes until the sink is full. Of course, it’s not always like that. Sometimes it’s more like all the silly, annoying things they did just make their partner love them even more, like the couples below. They shared with us the most honest reviews about their life with SO, and it’s hilarious.

#1 The Mountain with his girlfriend and dog

Source: dustofoblivion123

#2 I was putting away laundry. I can’t believe what I found at the bottom of my wife’s underwear drawer

Source: sedatemenow

#3 Fiancée said she needed an iPad for work purposes. Her fingerprints prove otherwise…

Source: TheGuestDJ

#4 How to scare your wife on Halloween: print your face on paper, put the paper in a jar, fill the jar with green water

Source: NeoshadowXC

#5 I just caught my boyfriend in the act. He doesn’t know that I know his secret

Source: megabetty

#6 He wonders why I hate sleeping with him

Source: reddit

#7 My wife and I painted each other’s faces. Apparently, I took the challenge more seriously than she did

Source: reddit

#8 My boyfriend just put Coke in with his cereal. How soon should I break up with him?

Source: thechive

#9 My girlfriend is starting to understand how my family jokes around at Christmas

Source: fallinouttadabox

#10 So I walked in on my girlfriend…

Source: horazon86

#11 My boyfriend wanted to cut my cat’s hair once and totally messed up. It’s so sad but a little funny at the same time. (She always looks pissed, so it is probably not because of the weird hairdo)

Source: ELISE_B

#12 She said she came home sober. Sure thing…

Source: ghazan

#13 My fiancé didn’t want to dress up for Halloween this year, so I did the next best thing

Source: adamwhenderson

#14 Sitting on the couch with a headache and an ice pack on my head when my girlfriend tells me not to move

Source: cdnchef

#15 Thanks to our toaster oven, we now have matching husband and wife scars for life

Source: Itsjustme50

#16 My girlfriend was eating snow off the hood of my car, and I jokingly pushed her head down…this was the result

Source: dirtyheads182

#17 My girlfriend does her hair like this every morning

Source: RootersRevenge

#18 I made an adult pillow fort for my girlfriend yesterday

Source: NDagniels

#19 When your girlfriend ‘really loves you’…

Source: GallowBoob

#20 My kitchen after a week of my boyfriend being in charge of cleaning

Source: MsMarhaS

#21 My wife is about to chop onions

Source: Casz8

#22 Get a man that looks at you the way my husband looks at this wolf

Source: Napsandmimosas

#23 I’ve heard of painting yourself into a corner, but my wife took it a step further. I don’t even know…

Source: power-cube

#24 Bought the girlfriend a new camera lens for Christmas. This is my life now


#25 I wish she’d told me that she’s afraid of heights BEFORE we went to this observation wheel

Source: reddit

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